Shoe Cleaning Tips & Hacks | Best Techniques & Mistakes to Avoid

Shoes can be impossible to keep clean. Depending on what kind you have, there are different ways of caring for them. If you have leather pumps or slides, you’ll care for them differently than if you’ve canvas sneakers because they are made with different materials. For example, don’t put shoe polish on canvas because that would ruin them.

It is important to take care of your shoes because not only will it keep them looking as good as new, and it will also help prolong the life of your shoes as well, which is great motivation!

Tip No. 1: Choose the Best Cleaner

Many different types of shoe cleaners are available such as foam cleaners and sprays. Choosing an ideal cleaner or hacks will depend on what material your shoes are made of. Stains are removed from canvas sneakers quite easily with a simple DIY mix of dawn dish soap and some warm water.

Just put a drop or two of sap into a bowl of water and mix. Then take a toothbrush and scrub gently until any stains come out. For getting stains out of the rubber sole of your shoes, use a little nail polish remover. It is an effective cleaner on even very tough stains because it contains acetone.

Tip No. 2: Utilize Your Washer Machine

Throwing your sneakers in a washing machine may feel like cheating, but it is a legitimate way to get them clean as long as certain cleaning techniques are followed. Not all shoes are machine washable either, so be careful.

Wash your vans or converse sneakers in a washer since they are canvas but don’t wash your leather pumps in a washer because washing them that way would ruin them.

Before washing your canvas sneakers in a washing machine, remove as much dirt and debris as possible by dry brushing with an old toothbrush. Then remove your laces and insoles if they are removable. Next, throw them in a pillowcase before running through a delicate cycle on a cold setting.

This will work on pretty much any canvas shoe, including a favorite pair of Adidas or Nike shoes. Throw in a few clothes to help muffle any noise those sneakers knocking against the washer drum will create.

Tip No. 3: How Best To Polish Those Leather Shoes Up

There are many shoe polish products these days, but some of the best and well-known brands of shoe polish include Kiwi, Angelus, MGK, and Jason Markk. These brands are specially formulated for use with many different types of shoes, and they offer a full line of products that will keep your shoes looking like new. They also offer kits that are best used in treating suede.

Since leather is a natural material, it needs to be “fed” regularly. This will keep it from cracking ad wearing prematurely. A good rule of thumb is to polish your them after 20 wears, or about once a month-whatever comes first. If you travel frequently, invest in a travel kit such as a high-quality Crep shoe kit.

If you have a leather bag you can also use those same cleaners and kits on it as long as both colors are similar. Store your leather shoes out of sunlight so that they are not baking in direct heat. So if your shoe rack is in a sunny spot or by a baseboard heater, move it to avoid drying the leather out.

Tip No. 4: Odor-Eliminating Tricks and Techniques: How They Work

Having shoes that smell foul is embarrassing, but there is a way to combat any unwanted stench. Avoid shoe odor by avoiding it in the first place. Wearing socks is a great way to keep sweat from penetrating shoe soles, which means that they will smell better.

However, if you find that they are not smelling as fresh as they once did, there are a few things to try. Create your own deodorizing spray with a few household ingredients such as little vinegar or rubbing alcohol, apple cider vinegar, and your favorite essential oil.

Using tea tree oil in your DIY spray will even keep fungus at bay since it is a natural antifungal and disinfectant essential oil. If you have foot fungus, apply it directly on affected areas to cure your toe fungus, which will also help with foot odor.

Shoe Shoe Cleaning Leather

Tip No. 5: Keep Them Smelling Like Roses With These Ideas

When you’re not wearing your shoes, place dryer sheets into them and keep them smelling fresh. After taking them off after a long day, it is a good time to spray in some DIY shoe refresher or store bought-shoe deodorizer.

That way, there will be enough time for it to work its magic and dry before wearing them again the next day. It is a good idea to put dryer sheets or deodorizer balls (grab these from your local shoe merchant) in kicks that don’t get worn that often such as golf shoes when they are not in use so that they stay fresh.

Tip No. 6: How Regular Cleaning Will Keep Fleece-Lined Slippers Comfy

Slippers need a little TLC sometimes. Soft fleece lining can get dirty with wear, so remove any debris that has collected inside of them. Then scrub using a damp wash cloth that has a little warm water and dish soap on it. Just be careful and use sparingly so that it doesn’t get too sudsy. Do this regularly to freshen them up.

Tip No. 7: Hey Dude Avoid These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Kicks

Avoid washing your sneakers in a dishwasher unless it has a setting that allows you to wash and dry them without heat, which can ruin them. Also, avoid using bleach even when trying to whiten your white tennis shoes.

Bleach will sometimes change a white hue into a slightly different white shade, which will make them look dingy rather than clean.

Tip No. 8: Tips to Keep Suede Looking Great

Cleaning any dirty spots on suede using a brush and a few household ingredients. You can buy a pre-made suede care kit or make your own. To make a DIY kit, all you need is a brush, razer, vinegar or rubbing alcohol, stain eraser, and protectant spray.

Brush suede in a few different directions and use a stain eraser for any stains that do not come out with vigorous brushing. Treat stubborn stains using some white vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Smooth out rough suede out by shaving it with a razor. Then spray on a protectant spray for lasting results.

Tip No. 9: Wear Your Best Shoes for the Job

Wear proper shoes for the season or weather conditions. Avoid wearing your whitest sneakers in muddy weather conditions and leave those suede boots home on a rainy day. Keeping your shoes clean will cut down on any extra and unnecessary cleaning and scrubbing.