How Long do Tempurpedic Mattresses Last? | Mattress Lifespan

By now, everyone has heard of a Tempurpedic mattress. Since the invention of these mattresses, many have rushed out to buy one.

They are known because of their longevity and giving sleepers an extraordinary rest.

Many of you are probably wondering how long these mattresses do last.

What Type of Sleeper is Best on the Tempurpedic Mattress?

As you may know, not all mattresses are equal. One bed might give us a restful sleep while the next may not.

The critical thing to remember is when the foundation we are sleeping in gives us optimal comfort and works well for our spinal cord; we should get a good night’s sleep under a nice blanket.

There are a few situations that you should decide on before buying one of these mattresses. Some of the things you need to consider before purchasing a bed like this are as follows.

• What is Your Weight?
• What is Your Firmness Preference?
• What is Your Sleeping Posture?

There are many types of Tempurpedic mattresses available. You should look at the firmness of a bed and the way you sleep before deciding on which mattress is a good idea for you.

What You Need to Know About Tempurpedic Mattresses

Before we go any further, let us explore the two things you should know about this mattress—the construction and firmness, and sizing and pricing.

Construction and Firmness

A Tempurpedic mattress has layers of Tempur. There are generally at least five layers of Tempur. The first two to three coats are of varied material to produce a level of comfort options sleepers can have. The remaining parts of the bed are of varying foam. The foam offers sleepers a level of comfort and firmness.

Sizing and Pricing

These mattresses are a little more costly than a standard bed might be. When you consider what it does on the back and rest, you should not mind spending the extra money.

What size is the availability? The mattress is available in all standard bed sizes, from twin to California king.

What You Can do to Keep Your Tempurpedic Mattress Cover Clean

All Tempurpedic mattresses come with a mattress cover. You can remove this cover and clean it. To do so, you need to unzip the outer layer of the bed and throw it into the washing machine. The washer’s temperature should be really cold.

It is okay to use a mild detergent in the washer. The washer should be on the gentle cycle. After completion, you can put it in the dryer to dry it quick. But it is best to hang the topper to dry. That is if you have the time.



These mattresses are available to buy at the company’s website. You can also buy them on other sites, such as Amazon.

Third-party sellers also have availability. There are more than six-thousand brick-and-mortar stores where one can make a purchase. These stores are typically furniture stores in the fifty states of the US, the Virgin Islands, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. The company website offers a list of retailers near you.

For orders in the lower forty-eight states, there is complimentary white-glove delivery available. The company offers you a ninety-day sleep trial. Of course, let us not forget the ten-year warranty for all buyers.

How Long Does a Tempurpedic Mattress Last?

The Tempurpedic mattress company was not the first one to use Tempur material. The US space program, NASA initially used it. NASA would use it to construct comfortable seats of the US space shuttle passengers.

The material was found suitable during take-off. It also was found; the content distributed an astronaut’s weight more evenly. Soon after these discoveries, the Tempurpedic company came about. The entrepreneurs began making their mattresses from the Tempur. It did not take long, and the company started to grow in popularity. Today, they are a household name.

The mattresses are known for the price tag and longevity. Many wonder if the cost is worth it. Also, they are concerned the mattress will not last if they are said to continue.

There have been online reviews one can read about these beds. These reviews state the mattress will eliminate or reduce the number of pain customers used to wake up with; there have also been many reviews saying the beds last a long time. Many are pleased with their purchase.

A Review of How Long a Pedic Mattress Will Last

In this video, a Pedic owner explains about the weight of the bed. He explains in detail his review of the toppers on the Tempurpedic bed.

The man uploaded the video in June 2019. It has had many views, and several have found the clip helpful in deciding to buy their mattress from Tempurpedic. He states in the video, he has had the bed several years and that it is holding up.

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More Information

The lifespan of the Pedic bed depends on a few factors. These factors to consider the lifespan of the mattress mainly depends on how you use it. The Pedic lifespan will also depend on how well it is maintained.

The average lifespan for these beds is usually seven to eight years. You can stretch the lifespan out for that many years because these beds are durable, and they do not function like a spring-loaded mattress.

The proper maintenance is necessary to obtain the longevity of the bed. It needs to be flipped; you should neither sleep nor sit on only one side of these beds. If you do, they will not wear properly.

Also, to get the full life out of this bed, you should not let the kids play on it; that is, they should not jump up and down on it. Also, the mattress will not last a lifetime if it is in direct sunlight for lengthy times.

The price of these beds is usually a big disappointment for many. The company develops and upgrades the product every year. They are over-priced compared to competitors.

When you think about the ten-year warranty on these beds, you have to think they might be worth the cost you spend on it. After all, is it not best to sleep in comfort with our blood flowing correctly? Many think the fewer aches and pains they wake up with is the determining cause of them to buy these beds.

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