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If you need something to serve as a couch but just don’t have the space or the budget, don’t despair! There are some terrific alternatives you can find to the standard three seater sofa.

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If you need sleeping and sitting space, putting a daybed in a TV room is a great option. A dense mattress designed to serve as a sturdy seat can be purchased at an upholstery shop and cut to fit the frame if you don’t have the cash for a twin mattress.

In addition, you can build cushions to serve as a back for your daybed sofa that can contain items you’ll need for sleeping. Pillow shams can serve to hold sleeping pillows or tightly folded bedding so your daybed couch will quickly convert from sofa to bed.

Bean Bags

The modern bean bag seating option has advanced. Consider the Moonpod Portable Bean Bag Chair, a comfortable and adult-sized option for flexible seating in any room. Not only is this piece cost-effective, but you don’t have to treat it as a floor cushion and worry that older guests will struggle to find a comfortable place to sit. The Moonpod is real furniture with real flexibility.

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A banquette is simply seating that has a storage bench under it. These are commonly found in dining rooms or built-in under bay windows. However, if you really need a cheap couch and also need storage, a banquette can help. You can create your own with any storage trunk that’s sturdy and has a flat top.

Your shopping alternatives can include stops at outdoor furniture places, as a pool storage ottoman can make a great sofa base. Your just need to build a square cushion to fit on top of the bench and a round or bolster cushion for the back so you have somewhere to lean. Unless your bench has a back, this sofa will have to sit against the wall.

Palette Construction

You can build many household items, including a cheap sofa, out of palettes. Putting used wood alternatives to work indoors will take some work. You’ll need to sand the lumber and seal it as some old lumber can outgas.

Once you’ve cut the palette to the dimension you need, smoothed the rough edges and sealed the wood, you can actually turn this rustic lumber into any number of items.

Be sure to check out local fabric stores, home goods stores and thrift shops for cushions or even old crib mattresses that can serve as seat cushions for your cheap new couch.

A Word About Covers

When putting together different alternatives for your cheap couch, don’t panic if you can’t sew. It’s very possible to cover old cushions in new fabrics by flipping the cushion upside down on top of a piece of fleece or even a sheet to start, folding the corners carefully and pinning the fabric under the cushion. This is a great temporary start to your new cheap couch and a great way to check out new fabric colors to make sure you like them.

You can come up with new alternatives to running out and buying a basic sofa for your space. If your budget is limited, push yourself to come up with cheap ways to customize the seating in your space and make the place your own.

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