Sofa Alternatives for Small Spaces | Best Couch Alternative

If you have small living spaces but want a cozy, pulled-together living room, you may need to rethink the traditional sofa. Sofas, while comfortable, are bulky and require a lot of space. Many interior designers and architects prefer to design spaces without the layout restrictions of a large sofa.

Here are some sofa alternatives:

Loveseat or Settee

A loveseat or settee are obvious sofa alternatives. Both options are like a couch in style and functionality, only smaller. If you are attached to the sofa idea, a loveseat or settee could be your best option. They are comfortable, plush and available in a range of designs, styles and patterns.


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Arrange chairs to accommodate diverse activities. Getting the layout balanced may take a few attempts, but four chairs and a comfy ottoman can be inviting and promote guest interaction. Chairs can also be layered in with other small furniture like stools or benches.

Cushions and More Cushions

If cozy is your goal, pillows are great alternatives. Sit on oversized cushions and lean against smaller cushions. Don’t forget to create conversation spaces when arranging cushions. You can create one or several depending on your space and entertaining needs. When properly arranged, cushions can seat more people than a couch.

Daybed, Futon or Chaise Lounge

Similar in comfort level to a couch, a daybed, futon or chaise lounge may take up less floor space. A chaise lounge can be angled to help define the room. Plus, all three can double as a bed if someone needs to sleep over. Just use pillows strategically to give it a neutral look.

Built-In Architecture

Many older buildings have small spaces. However, they often have unique architectural components that can be seating alternatives – for example, a bay window. Just add a throw blanket and a few cushions to create a new seating area. It also makes a great reading nook.

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are like floor cushions but with more height and substance. Bean bags are not just for children. There are upscale versions of bean bags on the market. Or you can make your own. Bean bag chairs are even more comfortable than a traditional couch.

A Bench or Stool

Benches and stools offer additional seating and look great paired with a chair, floor cushions or chaise lounge. Benches with hardtops can double as a table, while others open for hidden storage.

Interior Design Rules For Small Spaces

Check out this video which explains the basics of interior design. This simple video makes it easy to understand furniture placement, traffic flow, balance, colour and more. Follow the rules in this video to help balance and define your living room and other spaces. Whether it is furniture or décor pieces, this video illustrates the basics of what pleases the eye.


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Not having space for a couch could encourage your inner designer to think outside the box. Mix and match two to three of these couch alternatives for a relaxed, yet stylish room. For example, two chairs, a bean bag chair and a chaise lounge. Or, try a daybed, a chair and a couple of floor cushions. Try mixing new and vintage pieces of different styles.

If you focus on functionality, traffic flow and balance, you can have a designer-inspired room even without a sofa.

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