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You have space in your home that you want to remake into your own style. But how do you make a living area not only look great but also become a space that you and your loved ones enjoy?

This article will give you a few ideas. It will also present a YouTube video that will give you additional ideas for seating alternatives that do not involve lugging a bulky sofa up several flights.

By the way, we have also recorded a YouTube video that shows the best couch alternatives in more detail. Please check out the video below:

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Floor Cushions

A cheap furniture idea that you can use to seat visitors is floor cushions. Because they are so small, you can place them in tiny spaces. To complete this couch alternative look, add either a low coffee table or an ottoman so that guests can place items directly in front of them.

With floor cushions, visitors can arrange themselves in whatever position they want. If you just want time to yourself, you can sit on these cushions while you do an NYT crossword puzzle. For the very best results for your gathering, arrange your cushions around a low table for maximum social interaction.

Couch in the living room

Bench and Chairs

Want ideas to bring a feel of a local park on a spring day into your home? Buy a bench with matching chairs. This couch alternative allows you to bring a classy look to your living space. Look for an upholstered bench to add a classic touch to your living area.

By introducing a bench seat into your living room, you can add some much-needed color and texture to your home. Among seating alternatives that will get presented here, benches act as a simpler way to add class and comfort to your living area. You can even purchase benches that come with extra storage. So if you have a need for both beauty and extra space, consider this couch alternative.


Daybeds act as a versatile idea for a sleeper alternative to the couch. For one thing, these sofa alternatives can operate as a great sleeper spot for a catnap. You can also purchase matching chairs for a mature, classic look.

If you have a larger living room, you could get two daybeds for your space. Or you could get one and make it a focal point of the area. Surround your daybed with your best bookcases, art pieces, or antique furniture pieces.


If you want all of your guests to be equally comfortable, ditch your couch for chairs. Arrange your chairs just so that your visitors can have a great social experience while in your home. You can also have a movie night with your loved ones, who can sit in your chairs and enjoy a great flick.

Don’t think that all of your chairs have to match. For a more interesting look, mix your chair’s textures. You can also experiment with patterns for a vibrant, exciting look.

Chaise Lounges

While chaise lounges have a lot in common with couches, they’re a lot more comfortable. This type of seating also comes in a few different sizes. You can use these seating and sleeper alternatives no matter the size of your apartment.

You can pair chaise lounges with chairs or you can make it a statement piece for your area. Another decorating idea involves buying two chaise lounges and placing a table between them. If you want both space and comfort, join two chaise lounges together. Enjoy a movie with your favorite person or do some work while enjoying luxurious splendor from these sofa alternatives.

Chairs Made of Tires

Yes, it’s actually a thing! Recycled tire chairs can act as a great seating alternative. They don’t take up a lot of space nor are they heavy. Place them around your space for a fun and quirky addition to your home.

You can use your tire chair as seating for your meditation practice. Or you can arrange them around your room when you have an intimate gathering in your home. With these chairs, redecorating your home won’t take up all of your day. Drag one tire chair here and another a few feet away.

One YouTuber Turned a Bed Into DIY Perfection

Don’t think that you have to make multiple trips to Ikea to make your space great. Sushma of a YouTube channel called “It’s Sushma’s” used only a mattress, a shower curtain, and some recycled tire chairs to upgrade a very small space into a wonderful seating area. Check out the video:

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  1. Pallet Wood Seating – Do you like to indulge in your DIY inclinations? Use it to create unique alternatives to the sofa. If done right, pallette wood seating can not give a quirky and original look to your space. You can also save a bit of money.To create pallet wood seating, join two shipment pallets together. Cut out foam that corresponds to your platform size. Sew or purchase a cover for your platform. Place the cover on the platform and you have instant seating.
  2. Seating That Hangs From the Ceiling – If you need a lot of seating for your home, consider hanging daybeds. However, don’t take on this project by yourself. Instead, hire professional contractors to complete this job. You’ll be a lot happier with their results.You can also get swing chairs for your living area. You can even mix and match swing chairs and more conventional seating. Whatever your design style, perform some design therapy on your space with this unique decorating plan.
  3. Hammocks – Hammocks can make a great interior design hack. You don’t have to rely on “design togo” services to make this sofa alternative work. Whether you have a clue about interior design or not, you no longer have to rely on sofas to meet your seating needs. You can spend all day looking at a cloud out of your window as you lay on your hammock.

Whatever nugget of interior design wisdom you find on Pinterest, Reddit, or any other website can’t compare to these tips. This article provided you with a few of our best tips about alternative seating. Ideas are a dime a dozen. But they won’t work if you’re required to spend lots of money to accomplish your desired look.

Best interior design tips don’t always require tons of time and money. Instead, best practices of design include ideas that any homeowner or renter can incorporate into their space.

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