How Long do Crib Mattresses Last? | Mattress Lifespan

Your baby will spend an overwhelming amount of their time sleeping or just hanging out in their crib. So, it’s important that their mattress offers them the right amount of comfort for them to rest comfortably and safely.

Even if you have already chosen the most incredible crib mattress for your baby, mattresses in general don’t last forever. Unfortunately, we don’t realize right away when our baby’s sleeping surface needs switching out since we’re not the ones using it.

So, how are you supposed to tell when crib mattresses need replacing?

How Long Will a Crib Mattress Last?

Generally, many high-quality mattresses regardless of their size come with 10-year warranties, 5-year warranties, and so on. These just offer you basic estimates as to how long a mattress can last.

Do note that there are a number of determining factors that can either extend the life of these mattresses or cut them short. How the crib mattress is used is a key factor in how long you can expect to use it.

For instance, your baby’s size can change the life of it, especially if they outgrow their crib fast. Also, do you realize how general upkeep adjusts the lifetime of your child’s mattress? Letting stains fester for too long or using abrasive supplies to clean them might ruin the fabric and otherwise.

Determining Factors

There are a number of different considerations that play into how long a baby’s mattress will hold up. Some main factors you’ll want to consider are the material it’s made out of and what waterproof capabilities it has.


Crib mattresses feature the same materials adult-sized and kid-sized beds are made out of. Inside, you’ll find some with foam, memory foam, or even innerspring.

However, do you know that innerspring is steadily being replaced by the foam-based materials? This is because innerspring is more likely to rust, which can kill the life of the mattress before your baby gets good use out of it.

Foam and memory foam tend to have good durability. If foam is used, consider looking for mattresses with high-density foam. These don’t go flat fast as they can withstand more punishment. Also, your baby having more support benefits their sleep and comfort as well.

Waterproof Capability

Do you notice how much stains and babies go hand-in-hand? With that understanding, it makes sense to find a mattress that either has waterproof capabilities or features a quality waterproof cover.

Whether that moisture comes from urine, vomit, or spilled milk, it can have devastating consequences to the mattress. One downside of foam-based material is that it can readily absorb such moisture. As such, a high-quality, waterproof cover is essential if you don’t want to go through crib mattresses monthly.

Choosing a Good Crib Mattress

If you want your baby’s crib mattress to last a good deal of time, then it starts with choosing quality mattresses. Of course, you can browse stores both in-person and online in search of the best one, but it helps to know what you’re looking for beforehand.

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More Information

Do you realize just how many walkthroughs exist to help you? That’s where the following video comes into play. It’s brief, yet it can help you learn exactly what to look for in a good crib mattress.

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