How Long does an Air Mattress Last? | Lifespan of Mattresses

Not everyone can afford a horsehair bed. These are handmade by artisans using organic materials. What’s a person to do when they need a bed that is inexpensive and convenient? The modern air mattress is one solution.

How Long Will An Inflated Air Mattress Last?

An air mattress that is occasionally used by guests will last for a long time. It may even function for years before it develops a leak. If it serves as a daily-use bed, then this does shorten its lifespan. The mattress may last for six months before a leak develops. Repairing the leak will make the mattress last a long time.

Do I Need To Inflate My Mattress Daily?

An air mattress does not need to be reinflated daily. If it develops a leak, it’s easy to find it and repair it. Sometimes, it only looks as if the mattress lost air. This is because the air inside of it has reacted to the cold room temperature. This can cause it to look deflated. Raising the temperature of the room will help an air bed stay fully inflated.

How Can I Make My Mattress Last Longer?

How you use your mattress will affect its condition. Bouncing on the mattress can cause leaks or ruptures. Be careful of pets with claws. Don’t pin anything to the mattress. Place it on a clean floor so nothing punctures it from underneath.

Does An Air Mattress Make Noise When It Loses Air?

Many leaks are so small that you can’t hear them unless the room is very quiet. Listening for the leak may take some time. It shouldn’t be too long before you hear a little hissing or squeaking noise coming from one spot on the mattress. You may feel the cool air as it leaks out.

Is It Easy To Fix Air Mattresses That Leak?

It does not take a long time to make repairs to mattresses. It does take some attention. Don’t try and fix a mattress in a room where the TV is on, or in another noisy, distracting place. Most mattresses include one patch kit. Many stores sell everything needed to make a repair.

Easy-care Mattresses

Inflatable mattresses have improved since the old rubber models. Those inflated slowly and were heavy. Companies like Intex have designed convenient and comfortable products. These serve as regular beds for college students. They also provide sleeping areas for guests when space is limited. The versatility of modern air mattresses makes them an affordable must-have for many households.

How To Troubleshoot Your Air Mattress

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More Information

In this video, an expert teaches us how to detect an air leak in air mattresses and how we should repair it. He includes several tips for general care of air mattresses. He discusses the ways that mattresses can look like they leak, but they don’t. Viewers can learn great tips for mattress care, repair, and maintenance.

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