How to Paint a Room in Two Different Colors | Divided Wall

A fresh paint job can never fail to freshen up a room. However, there are times when painting a room in all one color can make the space feel cramped. You have many options for designs to excite the eye, such as painting the ceiling a different color or painting an accent wall in a tone that compliments the room.

But an excellent and often overlooked option you can choose is a two tone divided paint job. This style, with half a wall one color and half another, can really make rooms feel renewed and interesting. That being said, you’re in for a bit more work than what is usually entailed in painting walls in a room. However, it is quite easily done with proper preparation, attention to detail and patience.

How to Choose Your Colors

Before you can proceed, you should pick your colors for the rooms you’re painting. This step of the process is very important and can be more difficult for some people than the physical work. If you don’t have a knack for interior design, there are some tips to help you choose the different colors for your room.

Try to imagine how you’re going to decorate the space. If you already know what furniture will be going in there, matching the colors you choose on the wall with them is a tried and true effect. If you know how you will paint the ceiling, matching the color on the upper half of the wall to the ceiling color is another sure bet, although this is not entirely necessary.

A general rule of thumb is to choose two different colors that contrast each other, using the darker of the two on the bottom half of the wall.

Preparation is the Key

To achieve a professional quality outcome you’ll need to thoroughly prepare the room. The first step will be to provide yourself with ample work space that is free from obstruction. Removing everything from the room that can be removed will save a whole lot of stress. Be sure to do yourself this favor. If there are items that absolutely cannot leave the room, consolidate them in a space away from your target area.

The walls that are being painted will need a cleaning. A wipe down with a damp rag is generally sufficient to remove dust. Any grease or other such dirt should be removed with a chemical cleaner. If such a cleaner is used the walls will need a wipe down with water to remove any residue they leave behind.

Covering any surfaces that aren’t being painted is the next step. Save yourself the time of figuring out how paint comes off these surfaces and cover them with drop clothes or plastic sheeting. Be sure that any furniture or other items in the room are covered, providing protection from errant drips.

Painting Time

Now the dividing line between the two different colors of paint must be applied. Measure from the floor and mark the properly sized division line between the two colors. You’ll start with the top color, applying all necessary coats before moving onto the bottom color.

When the top is finished, remeasure the dividing line. This time the line will be made with stripes of painters tape. Use care in painting, avoiding contaminating the finished top color. When finished, remove the tape and repeat the process around the room.

Video: Painting a Two Tone Wall

This video explains an easy method for painting a two tone design on walls. It’s a great resource for anyone considering decorating a room in this style. The video is a short watch and well worth the time, as it shows just how easy successfully accomplishing this design really is.

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More Information

Watch the video here for some great information.


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  • Where would the dividing line be drawn when you have a vaulted ceiling?
    Is there a rule of thumb for that height of the wall?


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