Types of Baby Blankets (Comparison) | Best Blanket for Babies

With several possible options for different types of baby blankets, it is sometimes difficult to identify between them all! In all shapes, lengths, colors, and fabrics baby blankets are available.

This is not to include all the design elements, some blankets come with stuffed animals or fun designs or various other details, making them distinctive.

You could also get a customized cover for your baby! You might buy a baby’s blanket with a name embedded on it, for example.

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Receiving Blankets

The receiving blanket is by far the most versatile and multifunctional of the four main forms of baby blankets. Generally, these basic and compact covers measure about one square yard and serve several uses.

There are many reasons for getting a baby blanket. The blanket could be used to lie baby on the ground or an uncomfortable surface to provide a cover between the infant and the world outside, to swaddle, collect spit-up and drool and much more!

Typically made of light, environmentally friendly fabric such as organic cotton, flannel, muslin, and bamboo, receiving blankets are square or rectangular and used in most hospitals. These can also be covered with other styles of blankets, being quite lightweight. These all-purpose covers are, of course, a favorite in the baby population

Security Blankets

All parents should think about buying a safety blanket from their newborn child because they provide a specific kind of baby support. They are usually made of soft fleece and sometimes a stuffed toy is attached. They are durable and because kids tend to keep them while taking them everywhere.

As these types of blankets are used parents keep as a childhood memory of their children’s lives, you can consider buying customized baby security blankets so they are far more precious as kids grow up.

Have a look at the following video, in case you are interested in security blankets for babies:

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Swaddling blankets

Swaddling blankets are comparable to security blankets, helping to protect, reassure and relax the infant by having it wrapped up. These vary, though, as these come with accessories to make it easy for an infant to swaddle.

Several blankets stay bundled around the upper half of the infant while the bottom is unwrapped with adjustments of discomfort. A newborn warm swaddle blanket should make the baby sleep comfortable and cozy.

In contrast to the receiving blankets, swaddling blankets often consist of cotton fabric, larger and square. These not only help your young one stay calm and relaxed but also keep them from scratching those little nails on their nose. Most types of swaddling blankets enable you to even change a diaper without totally unwrapping your child.

A blanket is unquestionably the best friend of a child. However, without it, many babies are not ready to go to bed. Therefore, you are obliged to buy a suitable blanket for your young one. With so many varieties of baby blankets currently on the market, it is really a daunting task to determine which one is perfectly adapted to your newborn.

Nevertheless, if you understand what the different types of blankets are, it is very simple for you to find a good fabric for your child. These are the 3 different and most common types of baby blankets on the market and we hope that this article helped you make the most comfortable choice for your child.

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  • You made a good point that relaxing the infant is an essential thing to consider when it comes to baby blankets. I’d like to look for embroidered baby blankets soon because my sister will be holding a baby shower soon. I need to find a last-minute gift before then.


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