Types of Crochet Blankets | Comparison of Different Stitches

There is not just one way to crochet a blanket. There are many different types of stitches to create unique crochet blankets. Pull some strings with your time to peruse 3 different types of stitches that you can use to make crochet blankets.


Alpine Stitch

The Alpine Stitch goes by a few different names such as the Front Post Stitch, Double Rotating Crochet Stitch, and the Ripple Stitch.

This stitch requires a size H crochet hook, a yarn needle, and about 23-160 yards of size 4 weight yarn. For a large blanket, the starting chain will consist of 41 chains of the alpine stitch that are 12 inches long each.

For the first row, the third chain will need to have a double crochet stitch to get the look. For the second row, single crochet each stitch across after turning the swatch. For the third row, the double crochet will be done again around the first row of double crochet that was done earlier.

Do another single crochet for the fourth row then another double crochet for the fifth row. Alternate between single and double crochets until you achieve the desired size of your blankets. For a 12 inch blanket, you will need 33 rows.

Bean Stitch

A bean stitch requires to have an odd number of chains much like the alpine stitch. First, decide the length of your blanket and crochet and decided how many odd number of chains you need to accommodate that size.

Complete three chains, insert your hook into the third chain starting from your hook, and pull the loop upwards. Now insert the hook back into that same third chain and pull another loop upwards. These two looping actions will create your fourth chain.

After yarning over, insert your hook in the fourth chain and pull up the loop and you’ll end up with 6 loops on hook. Finally, yarn over and pull all of the 6 loops over your hook to create bean stitch.

Chain one and skip a chain to crochet the next bean stitch. Chain 2 then turn your swatch to start another bean stitch. Then, repeat the steps above until your blankets have been completed.

Shell Stitch

We picked out a YouTube video we picked out from the Crochet Guru for you to watch! It’s a short tutorial of about 5 minutes so it will not take up too much time to view.

The Crochet Guru informs viewers that the shell stitch has many different variations, but she discusses three of the most common types in the video. This include the half double crochet, the double crochet, and the triple crochet. She gives a video demonstration of each type of shell stitch variation. Check it out by clicking on the link above!



While we only discussed 3 different types of stitches in our post today, there are many more different types to choose from when making crochet blankets. The world is your ball of yarn!


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