Bathroom Decor Ideas (Top 10) | Best Decorating Tips for Bath

Your bathroom takes pride of place as a personal oasis against the stresses of modern life. That’s why you should use any hacks, tips or tricks you can find to decorate your home or apartment bathroom as an escape from the monotonous routines of daily life.

The following decorating tips can transform your bathroom into a calming, soothing and relaxing wellspring for personal rejuvenation.

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Beyond the Bath Lurk Monsters

Bathroom decor seems like a simple place, but what happens in them is profoundly personal. Even your life partner doesn’t always know all the nitty-gritty details of your health and beauty regimen. If you want a good start each day, you should begin with positive motivation by making your bathroom convenient, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

The following are some of the best decorating tips transforming your bathroom into the type of space you deserve.

1. Decorative Space that Secures Your Personal Items

If you share a bathroom with kids or others, personal privacy becomes a big issue. Lockable cabinets are a great idea that secures or protects your bathroom privacy — including medications.

Nobody can see what medicines you take or raid your supply of narcotics or viagra. You can choose from locker-shaped cabinets or vanities with drawers that lock.

2. New Flooring Ideas for a Bathroom Upgrade

Today’s DIY flooring options provide great versatility of design. Self-adhesive tiles make installation easy in any room or on any wall. You can choose complementary colors that fit your design scheme. You can get tiles that look like marble or different types of wood, but these tiles resist water, stains or everyday wear.

If you’d prefer, you can make an elegant statement by installing slate, marble or other natural stone flooring. Another one of the greatest flooring ideas that is gaining increased popularity with decorators is concrete. Modern concrete offers designers and homeowners a very affordable flooring option that lasts for years while being durable.

The benefits of concrete bath floors include:

  • Modern concrete techniques include colorizing wet concrete and staining or etching it for unique guest bath decor.
  • Decorative concrete can be stamped with distinct patterns that give your floor great texture.
  • Your concrete floor will last for up to 20 years while resisting staining, chipping and color fading.
  • Concrete delivers the same benefits as premium floor materials — such as ceramic tile or natural stone.
  • Concrete is easy maintenance.
  • Concrete floors can be stained, painted, sealed, polished and acid-etched, which give your floor a look that resembles no other flooring material.

bathroom decor deco plants bathtub

3. Faucet and Hardware Replacements for the Master Bath

Completely remodeling your bath quickly becomes a major expense, but you can transform your space by replacing faucets in your favorite style of decor. Change out your old hardware — such as faucets, drawer pulls, towel racks, toilet paper holders, etc. Take accurate measurements so that the screws will fit existing hole spaces.

4. Lighting for Bathrooms Becomes More Versatile and Less Expensive

Replacing your old lighting fixtures can save a lot of money by cutting energy expenses while increasing your decorative options. Fluorescent lights in key areas can give you light where you need it most at makeup tables, vanity mirror areas, etc. Your options for lighting include LED lights, pendant lighting, track lighting, dimmer switches and light bars that can diffuse light throughout the room.

LED lights are the most energy-efficient type of lighting except natural sunlight. The bulbs last for decades. You can choose from different lighting colors for a cool or warm look. These lights don’t add extra heat, and the energy costs are less than 25 percent than those on incandescent lights.

5. Bath Art for Country Home or African Microcosm

Art can create the environment that pleases you, but be sure you use treated canvas prints or durable sculptures. Oversized proportions work well by creating a signature focal point. You can create custom canvas prints and laminate them for protection.

Wall galleries are perfect for studies of a subject like wildlife, etchings, pictures or visual studies of all types. You can even eschew traditional art by decorating with objects of all types — such as vintage bottles, buttons, sewing notions, baskets, mirrors, seashells and even upcycled toilet paper rolls.

Traditionally framed photos or works of art work well when sealed professionally. If you like small pieces of art, consider a display of ceramic or glass plates, small sculptures, porcelain dolls, etc.

6. Conquering the Challenge of Decorating Small Bathrooms

Small rooms can present a challenge for decorators, but you can produce a great effect by limiting your scope: the beach, farmhouse chic or a very personal getaway. You can start by choosing a bold color, which adds some drama in a small space.

Floating shelves crate additional storage space without taking extra room. One of the great ideas for small bathrooms is hanging art and accessories that can be lowered or raised as needed, which utilizes empty space. Half painted surfaces alternated with half wallpapered surfaces increase the illusion of greater space.

Mirrors can make a small space look larger while providing great decor. Choosing a sophisticated mirror design can complement your design scheme while making the mirror serve as an aesthetic work of art . You can elevate the ambience of your small bathing area while making the room appear larger.

Plants can disguise a small space to make it appear larger. A potted tree that thrives on moisture is a good choice that extends usable space vertically. Plant accents can thrive on the humid atmosphere.

You can make your space count by installing a mini spa in a limited space. Check out the options of a compact, two-person spa that creates a fabulous retreat in a small bath.

7. Shabby Chic Ideas for Farmhouse Bath Spaces

Shabby chic decorating ideas boost your creative options. You can decorate your bath in vintage style by repurposing old accessories and room accents to reinforce your theme. Repurposed armoires, faux or real green plants or a refinished clawfoot bathtub make an excellent start on your shabby chic design scheme. You might even add a bed or cot.

Colorful rugs or vintage tapestries can bring your design together by complementing brown walls or room colors. A refinished wood ladder makes a great focal point while providing more usable vertical storage space. It’s one of the great ideas of shabby chic design if you have exposed brick in your bathroom. You might consider hanging some of your plants on the ladder for triple functionality.

Shelves, baskets or interesting objets d’art can complete your design by adding color to vintage gray accessories. You might hang a vintage chandelier or install indirect lighting that highlights makeup and personal hygiene areas. Don’t worry about design mistakes — it’s your shabby chic vision that counts.

8. Simple Paint Job in White, Blue, Grey or Black

A simple paint job can lighten or darken your bath so that you can create the desired effect. Combinations of colors using white as a major component create the illusion of greater space while drawing focus on the other colors.

Dark, vibrant colors create a more formal atmosphere while yellow walls create a light, cheery space. You can use gold accents in any bath color scheme. Many decorators choose glossy paint that extends the life of the paint job. Additives can create textures that generate a unique look. Learning how complementary colors work gives you great paint-pairing options.

9. Bathroom Sets to Keep Your Space Looking Fresh

The simplest, least expensive way to enhance your bath’s appearance is replacing bathroom sets regularly. If you can’t afford a major remodel, you can still create high style using bath sets, accessories, etc.

Other cheap makeover options include installing a dimmer switch, replacing cabinet hardware or organizing the room better with shelves. Simple glass shelf installation is easy and affordable. Check out Pinterest for colorful bath sets.

10. Creative Bathroom Designs Can Make Every Day Christmas

You can decorate your bathroom in a Christmas motif, or maybe you’d prefer a day at the beach decorated by shells and colorful beach towels. The sky is not the limit because you can decorate your bathroom like the sky with clouds.

Design tips need not be expensive to work, and you can change designs seasonally — even on a strict budget.

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