Bedroom Decor Ideas (Top 8) | Best Decorating Tips for Bed

Your bedroom is one of the few rooms in your home where you can have peace and relaxation after a long day. It’s your safe little heaven in the apartment away from everybody else. A place where you can relax, read a book, and get some life motivation. Unfortunately, decorating a bedroom is easier said than done because there are a lot of details that need consideration.

That’s one of the main reasons why some people don’t bother decorating the bedroom. Others think decorating a room that no one else will see is pointless. But, you should be proud of your private sanctuary. Be yourself, make an effort to give your bedroom some personality and glow.

The following is a list of hacks and decor ideas you can use.

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1. Simple Decoration Tips for A Cozy Space

If you have a small bedroom, keep things simple. Don’t crowd the space with too much furniture. Instead, add a few pictures on the walls. You should also keep the colors simple: for example, white or grey on the walls.

The placement of the bed also matters when decorating a small bedroom. Place the head of the bed on the main wall and make it accessible from both sides. It should be easy to move around the room. If you need extra storage, invest in multipurpose furniture, for example, an ottoman that has underneath storage.

2. Decorating Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

If you are thinking of decorating your kids’ bedrooms, this tip is for you. Let’s start with the color: if you have boys, you can paint their room blue. For girls, you can paint the walls pink because it’s bright and cute. However, don’t limit yourself, play around with the colors and ask your kids how they look before making the final decision.

If you have a teenage boy or girl, it’s best if you do the decorating together because they can understand what is going on. It will also help you bond with your child. Therefore, take time to plan and exchange ideas about how you can improve your child’s personal space.

3. Divide the Master Bedroom into Sections

We talked earlier about how your bedroom is a private sanctuary. You can add character to this space by dividing the room into different sections. Add a room divider to separate the reading and sleeping area. For the bed area, you can paint the partition red or purple since these colors are considered romantic and luxurious.

Alternatively, you can paint the accent wall black or gray to create mystery. Keep the furniture simple; don’t go for something that will take up a lot of space. Also, maintain the same colored furniture: preferably brown because it adds contrast. Your bedroom should have some contrast because it makes the space more appealing: if the walls are lightly colored, the furniture should have a subtle hue.

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4. Decorate the Walls Using Art

You can create a diy art piece and use it as the headboard. The bedroom is a place to express yourself and do what you’d normally not do in front of people. If drawing is your secret passion, hang your art works on the walls so that you can enjoy them every time you enter the room. However, you’re not limited.

You can play around with old rustic furniture. For example, you can use the door of an old country farmhouse as the headboard. You can also include some potted plants in the bedroom because a little green is always welcome.

An alternative cheap option is wallpaper on the accent wall. If you want to customize the process, you can borrow designs from pinterest and print the wallpaper yourself if you have the machinery.

5. Bed Framing Decor Ideas for a Classy Look

Build a raised platform for the sleeping area and include a lowered section for the mattress. You can make the platform framing yourself if you’re on a budget. All you need is a few large boards, saw, nails, screws, and a hammer. If you don’t know what you should do, you can watch online diy videos for building platform beds.

The other decorating idea is a canopy frame. This decor is great for adding some class and sophistication. You can also add light curtains on your canopy bed for that extra effect.

6. Rug Decor Ideas for Warmth

Decorating your bedroom with a rug can add warmth especially if you have tiled floors. The following is a list of tips or techniques that you can use when placing rugs on the floor. If you have a long rug, you can place it underneath your bed so that it covers both sides. That way, when you and your partner get up from bed, you both step on a warm surface.

You can use a rug to create a seating area at the end of your bed. This technique works best with small rugs that cannot cover a large area. When buying a rug, go for something that matches the color of the furniture in the bedroom so that it doesn’t look out of place.

7. Lighting Tips for Good Ambience

Lighting helps set the mood in the bedroom. Using the following tips, you can layer your space with different lighting fixtures for the best effect. First, there are three kinds of light that you can include in your bedroom: task, ambient, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting sets the overall mood of the space; examples include chandeliers or large windows to let in natural light. Accent lighting focuses on a particular area; an example is a recessed light fixture. Task lighting is helps you perform specific activities like reading. An example of a task light is a bedside lamp.

8. Curtain Ideas for the Perfect Balance

When decorating the bedroom, most people focus on the color of the walls, lighting, or furniture. Although these factors are important, curtains are often overlooked or considered an afterthought. It’s one of the worst mistakes because without changing the curtains, the bedroom will feel unbalanced.

Use the following tips when changing curtains. Yellow or gold curtains are great on big windows because the color pops with a little bit of sunshine. During summer, sheer striped curtains are the best choice because they limit the amount of heat that enters the bedroom. Floor-to-ceiling curtains are great if you want a modern minimalist look.

In conclusion, bedrooms deserve the same care and attention as other rooms in the house. Don’t ignore your bedroom because it’s a private space. Improve the interior and decor so that you can enjoy every moment you spend in there. The above decoration tips will help you upgrade different areas of your bedroom.

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