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As the weather gets cooler, the outdoor color scheme changes. This may inspire you to make some changes around the entire home space. Darker colors, shades of yellow or orange, or even metallic shades can help you enjoy the fall season even more.

If you’re planning a Halloween party, want a yard update, are having a wedding, or want table decor that stands out, autumn offers beautiful color schemes or design aesthetics for making every occasion even more special. Of course, there are also a few mistakes you should avoid, hacks you can include in the decorative scheme, or elements of nature that will give you the motivation you need for decorating a space that reflects a sense of style you can be proud of.

Many of these items are found at the local dollar store or you can use Pinterest for design suggestions. Here are some tips or ideas you can use when you want a decorated living space or celebration on a budget that reflects inspiration, creativity, or comfort.

Door/Patio Decor

One of the best tips for welcoming autumn is decorating the door. While it’s not quite time for a Christmas wreath, you can decorate the front door with a wreath made from synthetic fall leaves in colors like orange, burgundy, dark green, or goldenrod. You can even incorporate a harvest theme into your porch decor by adding real or synthetic bales of hay topped with glass or cement replicas of fall fruits or vegetables like pumpkin, squash, or corn.

Of course, you can also decorate the door space with real or synthetic pumpkins painted in bold fall colors. Adding metallic shades like copper or silver on the pumpkins make them stand out even more. You can also give a door a fall makeover by adding a fresh coat of paint like muted cherry red, hunter green, or a rustic shade of brown or gray.

Large flower pots or metal pails filled with autumn blooms that fall into the color scheme like sunflowers or goldenrods will also make a patio area more visually appealing or appropriate for the season.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

You can give the bedroom an autumn makeover with tips like painting an accent wall, adding wallpaper, or changing the color scheme of the linen. Patterns like houndstooth or gingham are appealing during fall. You can choose from wallpaper types that are easily removable in case you change the look of the room as the seasons change.

A neutral hue like slate, mauve, or a muted shade of green area ideal as an accent wall color. You can easily pair these shades with bedding in chocolate brown, dark gray, or ruby to create a tranquil autumn haven. Adding some seasonally appropriate furniture pieces can also make the space more inviting. A burgundy area rug can make a bedroom with a neutral color scheme more visually exciting.

Window accents like shades or curtains in shades of copper or dark beige can add an element of sophistication in the bedroom as well. These decorating techniques look great in the bathroom, too. If you have a bathroom connected to the bedroom, add bronze blinds in the space or choose rugs or toilet covers in the same shade as your bedding.

Keep these cheap, cute decorating themes in mind when updating the look of children’s bedrooms as well. Since your little ones will likely use this space as a classroom this school year, a change of scenery or color palette could make them feel more at ease in their living space.

decor autmn chestnuts leaves

Special Occasions

If you’re tying the knot this fall, shades of gold, bronze, or tan make beautiful wedding colors. Decor ideas that showcase the beauty of the season are will look great in wedding photos and compliment your skin tone or hair color. Table decor that includes elements like horns of plenty filled with small replicas of pumpkin or corn are a cute addition to a casual autumn reception.

You can also choose bridesmaids’ dresses and fashion accents for the groomsmen in jewel tones like opal, ruby, amethyst, or emerald so the wedding party will be adorned in stunning colors that work great on both warm or cool skin tones. Adding these color accents on a wedding dress in the form of a belt or shawl or using these hues as part of the wedding cake brings the fall decor scheme together as well.

Several of these stunning hues can also be used to decorate Halloween parties and Thanksgiving get-togethers. Simple decor tricks like spray-painting mini pumpkins as centerpieces and rustic pails filled with candy that guests can enjoy immediately make the autumn celebration more appealing. You can use rustic materials like burlap or distressed cotton as tablecloths.

Complete table decorations with large glass vases filled with orange or yellow roses, or add spray-painted pinecones in the vase. These attractive centerpieces create a great backdrop for all the foods and desserts you provide the guests.

Fireplace Accents

This fall, you can update your fireplace area, making the space a warm, welcoming one for family and friends. Ideas include adding a reading chair near the fireplace area so you can use the area for relaxation. You can also decorate the windows in the room where the fireplace is so it coordinates with the colors of the room.

For instance, if you’ve painted the fireplace in mahogany, add this same color on the paneling or trim of the windows. Add floral centerpieces or a string of synthetic fall leaves around the mantel, along with candles in cinnamon or amber scents, since these candles will likely reflect the colors of fall as well. A chocolate brown or straw-colored shag rug around the area makes the space especially cozy.

If you sit in this area often, add a plate of cookies to the mantle that you can enjoy while you read. Fall cookies like snickerdoodles or gingerbread are delicious choices.

Additional Outside Decor Ideas

Use many of the easy tips you’ve incorporated into other areas of the home to make an outdoor space more welcoming. Decorating with bales of hay around the front or side of the house immediately make people think of the harvest when they arrive at the home. Other hacks for outdoor decoration include using old farmhouse or country style supplies like rakes, pails, and brooms as decorations.

Use spray paint for refurbishing these items so they coordinate with the color scheme. Adding scarecrows or rag dolls to the porch or a tree in the yard immediately put you in a fall mood or make you excited about spending more time in the cool autumn weather. A small waterfall in the front or backyard in an autumn color and decorated with real or synthetic fall leaves makes your outdoor space especially tranquil as well.

Add a birdfeeder with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or other bird-friendly fall foods adds natural beauty in the yard to attract the birds in the area. If you live in or near a coastal area but still want indoor and outdoor decor to reflect the season, wreaths that include seashells in dark hues or pumpkins painted in turquoise and silver are appealing porch adornments as well.

Keep these DIY tips in mind when you’re decorating for your next fall event or reflecting the season in autumn celebration decor. You’ll make this time of year more memorable. You may even get inspiration for changing the look of your home in the upcoming seasons.

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