Carpet or Hardwood in Bedroom | Wooden Floor in Bedrooms?

Designing the bedroom is an exciting process and one that will make or break the feel of the room. You may have just moved in and are probably thinking about what color the walls should be. Perhaps you already have an idea about the furniture you need to set the mood. One important element you may be forgetting to consider is the flooring of your room.

Which Style Suits You?

Although there are many options for flooring, carpet and wooden are usually the most popular choices for the bedroom. Here-in lies the question. Which style of flooring is right for my bedroom? This, of course, depends on several factors.

Carpet vs. Wooden

Let us start with some of the more important concerns before we dive into the cosmetics.

If you are considering installing carpet flooring, ask yourself these questions: Are you allergic to dust mites? Do you have pets that aren’t properly potty-trained? Will you be bringing in anything that may potentially stain the carpet? If your answer was yes to any of these questions, consider hardwood floors.

Carpets Do Have Some Upside

There are of course some positives to carpet floors. They provide warmth for the feet and are tougher to damage with heavy furniture. They may also be a nice option for someone who has sensitive feet.

carpet floor and bed

Benefits of Wood Floors

On the other hand, they usually offer less flexibility than hardwood flooring. Floors made from wood are easier to cover and to choose the furniture that goes with them. They are also easier to clean and therefore, less hassle.

Flooring Type by Room

Now you must ask yourself which flooring type do you prefer when decorating the bedrooms. If it is the Master Bedroom, then the floor should make a statement, but also be comfortable. If it is the hallway, you may want to opt for wooden floors. A nice rug will complement the hallway floors so there is no need for carpeting there. For any bedrooms that are converted into an office space, either choice would work well.

Bedroom Theme?

Your floor choice should match the theme you are trying to establish. White or Maple carpeting should go well with other light furniture and give the room a clean, bright appearance. Vintage Oak wooden floors may give off a more relaxing, bohemian feel. Consider visiting an interior design website if you are struggling with deciding on a theme.

The Cost of Carpet Versus Wood Floors

Before committing to either floor type, spend some time looking into the pricing of both options. Carpet floors are generally cheaper than wooden floors, but it might depend on the type of wood. For real wood, the price per square foot may cost you an arm or a leg, but laminate alternative are rather inexpensive.

Carpet vs. Wood Durability

In addition to the pricing, think about the longevity of both options. How much will the initial installation cost you and how often would you need to replace the floors?

The installation will require some time on your part. Professional installation will usually take a few months to complete. If you know how to install the flooring yourself, perhaps it will not take much time at all.

Potential for Resale of the Home

Lastly, decide whether or not you are planning to sell your home in the future. This may heavily weigh into how much money you are willing to spend. If there are plans to re-sell the home, a higher quality flooring option will increase your chances. However, it may take a bite out of your resale price as this kind of upgrade is easier to apply post-purchase.

Additional takes on Carpet vs. Wooden Flooring

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More Information

In this video, Kimberly Kushner answers whether or not one should replace their flooring with carpet or with hardwood. She believes that wood fares as the better option if one intends on living in the home for a long period. However, hardwood may not serve one well when it comes to the resale of the property. Either way, the flooring should complement other furniture and styles in the home.

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  • Afton Jackson
    January 18, 2022 3:54 am

    You made a great point about the theme of the bedroom being an important aspect of choosing the flooring. I’ve always been a fan of classical looks, so maybe a nicely stained wooden option would work best. I’ll consult a flooring expert about this to see what choice works for us.


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