Carpet vs. Hardwood Floor (Pros & Cons) | Wooden Floors Better?

While design and install options for the home have grown, it may tough to decide what type of floors to choose. Two types of flooring remain very popular and ask the age old question, “Are hardwood floors or carpet floors better for the home?”

When going to experts or doing online research, it can be hard to determine which type of flooring is best. Sometimes there really is no definitive answer, and sometimes it may be wise to mix it up. Either choice comes with advantages and disadvantages.

YouTube video Analyzes Carpet and Hardwood Floor Solutions

A YouTube video posted by Jayman Home Experts tries to answer which solution is better. “Should I use hardwood or carpet flooring to remodel my home?” is the title of the video, and upon viewing it you will see there really is no right or wrong choice.

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It really depends on your needs. Since there is no absolute best answer, we have broken down a few of the pros and cons for each.

Hardwood Flooring vs Carpet Flooring – Pros and Cons

Hardwood Flooring – The Pros

1. More Durable

A wood floor can be more durable. Wood is a stronger product, and it can withstand more. Not matter if you put them in one room or over an entire home, they bring durability to your living environment.

2. Easier to Clean

They are easier to clean. Unlike carpets that need to be vacuumed and professionally shampooed, wooden floors only require sweeping and polishing. Both of those activities can be taken care of without professional assistance.

3. Cleaner Air

Allergies are not as prevalent in homes with wood flooring. Dust and bacteria that falls onto wood floors can be removed with sweeping and polishing, while other flooring choices can have allergens build up in them requiring professional deep cleaning.

carpet on wood floor

Hardwood Flooring – The Cons

1. Cost

Versus carpet, wood floors are more expensive. Not only is the product more expensive, but the price to install them can be more too. Hardwoods are not cheaper.

2. More Labor Intensive

Installing a wood floor is more labor intensive. Areas like stairs require extra time. That is why many homeowners opt to keep carpet upstairs, and why many decide to go with a transition from one floor style to another throughout the home.

3. Sensitive to Activity

While wood floors do have many advantages, one of the potential cons is their sensitivity to activity. For those with an active home it is important to note that these floors will shows dings and cuts. They are very sensitive to water, too. If you have a house full of children, maybe just install them in your master bedroom for the time being. The kids’ bedrooms and other parts of the house might have to wait.

Carpet Flooring – The Pros

Befor we jump into the pros of carpet flooring: You may have a look at the following YouTube video. It explains the pros and cons of hardwood and carpet flooring in more detail.

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1. Temperature Control

Many homeowners will not anything other than carpet for the floors. They insist that spaces like their bedrooms will be cold without carpet. It is true that carpet can warm up a space and help control temperatures, since they offer more insulation.

2. Cost

If you decide to transition to carpet floors, you will notice the price tags for the product and its installation is cheaper. That does not mean your home will feel cheap though. There are all kinds of looks that come across as luxurious and stylish without breaking the bank.

3. A Softer Feel

Carpeting offers a softer feel. This can be very beneficial when considering the safety of babies and active toddlers. Whether you have little ones that need to be protected from falls and active siblings or if you just like the feeling of it against your toes in your bedroom, it’s a flooring solution that provides a softer feel It can make any house feel like a home.

Carpet Flooring – The Cons

1. Harder to Keep Clean

Carpeting is tougher to clean. It requires more than just an occasional use of the vacuum. When properly cleaned and maintained it also requires regular shampooing. You can try to shampoo it yourself, but it is wise to entrust a team that can get the job done a lot quicker. In tight spaces like where stairs are located getting into the all the nooks and crannies sometimes makes it harder to care for on a regular basis.

2. Allergies

Unlike with wooden floors, allergies can develop more easily in carpeted spaces. Other floor solutions do not hold on as long to allergens, mold and bacteria. Regular deep cleaning on top of professional care are required to make sure your carpeted floors don’t become breeding grounds for harmful allergies and other health issues.

3. Wear and Tear

Carpet can be worn out, and it can tear easily. This is very true for any of your active rooms. The material can become tattered or loose, and it can eventually become very noticeable. Be careful to make sure it is installed properly to reduce this from happening, and be sure to put it in areas where it would make sense to have it.

As you can see, there really isn’t evidence that makes either flooring option the best choice. You may even decide that you want to take a look at laminate options or some other sort of engineered product. You may want to mix it up and choose different options for your family rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen.

After reading our list Hardwood Flooring vs Carpet Flooring – Pros and Cons, you may still need guidance. Know though, that regardless, either choice is a great choice. Both options have many wonderful attributes, and they both make a great addition to any home. It comes to choosing what you want and which product makes the most sense both short-term and long-term.

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