Makeover Ideas for Dining Room Table (Tips) | Kitchen Tables

The dining room is a central place in all homes, and the dining room table is the heart of that central place.

When you decorate a dining table, you want to make it homey as well as elegant. If it just needs a revamp, you need to feel inspired to give it the makeover it deserves.

Here, we have a few of the best dining room table makeover tips and ideas to get you going with creating the new perfect heart of your home.


Ideas for the Table

If you want to achieve maximum change in the dining room, the best place to start is with the table itself. You can change the whole vibe of the area with a new color or shape in the table. And, though this means you definitely could go out and buy a brand-new one, you don’t have to—your old table can get a makeover itself. Try giving it a fresh coat of paint or stain, or perhaps, if you’re good with handiwork, try trimming the sharp corners down to more rounded edges.

good table for makeover

Ideas for the Chairs

Just like the table, you can mix things up with a new set of seats. For one, you could makeover your chairs just like with the table suggestions above. For example, switching from stained wood to white paint could give off a whole new look! You could also look for seat cushions to either add or replace old ones. Try to find interesting patterns that complement the colors of the rest of the room, unless, of course, you find you’d like to change the wall colors, too!

If you’d be open to buying new seats for your table, consider getting two different types for variety—but no more than two. For example, you could mix a few wooden chairs with a short bench, or maybe a couple of plastic chairs with colorful stools. Find seats that you find interesting, and then pair them with one other kind that looks nice next to them.

Ideas for the Rest

What you put on the table is just as important as everything else in the room, if not more. Table runners, cloths, and centerpieces are the easiest things you can change to create a room makeover. And, these things can be changed in the most ways, not to mention at every different budget.

To start thinking of ideas, look around your dining area and decide what colors or designs you want to bring out. If your walls are covered in gray and white wallpaper, consider picking just white to complement in your centerpiece. Then, decide what kind of centerpiece you want to create. In this example, faux white roses in a clear vase would work wonderfully.

Or, perhaps, you decide to use gray placemats and faux black flowers for contrast with the walls. Whatever you choose to put on your dining room table, though, make sure it’s something that will last and make your space comfortable!

Ideas for Even More

For more makeover inspiration, check out the video below. In it, you will see an example of a beautifully made dining table setup, including tips for how to pick dining ware and centerpieces to match. It also shows fairly inexpensive items that can work with any price point!


As for any decoration makeovers you decide to give your home, we wish you the best of luck in changing things up!

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