Dining Table Decor Ideas | Decoration for Kitchen Tables

When it comes to decorating your dining room or kitchen table, there are so many fantastic ideas to consider.

Before you dive in and decorate, let’s simplify it for you.

Presented below are four decoration ideas that are sure to bring life to any dining room or kitchen table.

No need to turn to Pinterest today for those decoration suggestions. We have your table decor ideas covered!

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1. Create a Centerpiece or Centerpieces

When you decide to apply decorations, it does not matter if the area is small or large. Decorations can look great in any setting. Consider placing one centerpiece or multiple centerpieces on your table.

A centerpiece in the middle can make the area come to life. You can also add life to the entire table through spacing. Your centerpiece can also consist of multiple creations that run down the middle, along the length of the table.

Centerpieces can help set moods. This is definitely the case when celebrating a holiday. Ideas to consider are arrangements of fresh tulip bouquets at Easter at the center of a round table or three vases of orange roses from your garden spaced out evenly on a long table during Thanksgiving.

At Christmas display a small wire-framed tree holding pictures from past Christmas celebrations. When it comes to decor for birthdays and galas create an arrangement of balloons sure to brighten the mood.

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2. Lay Down a Tablecloth or Runner

A tablecloth or table runner can instantly change the look of dining and kitchen tables. No matter if you want to keep it simple for everyday dining or turn to something more formal for dinner, there are so many solutions. Table cloths more dramatically alter the space, while runners set upon, white, black or brown tables add simple contrast.

A tablecloth or runner can showcase personality and also foster communication during a get together. Create a farmhouse decor look by adding a burlap base on which a bowl of colorful farm fresh eggs can sit. For a fun brunch setting bring the outdoors in with a floral tablecloth. To make sure the room is full of personality add a bright, conversation starting runner decked out with coffee mug graphics.

You can also tie a tablecloth in numerous ways to give a table that extra pop of personality. This is a great idea for formal occasions. Check out this video that shows just how it easy it is.

Mastering a Drape Tie for a Formal Dinner

This YouTube video from CV Linens shows how one can easily do a drape tie in under a minute. The host uses an all-purpose table that would be for a banquet. However, the same type of draping can be used in your setting at home!

Go with contrasting colors, along with any of the draping styles you can choose from to create all kinds of looks from the refined to the festive. More draping and tie down styles can be found on the CV Linens YouTube page.

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3. Make Changes to Your Flatware and Stemware

The accessories that make your table a chic and stylish space go beyond your decorations. Flatware and stemware can create a look, and they are more than just essentials for a meal or party. They also serve as accessories to make the look complete.

You do not have to break your budget trying to find unique stemware or plates that turn the attention away from your so-so cooking. Head to your community’s vintage shops, antique boutiques and thrift stores to find flatware and stemware that showcase style. Look for salad and dinner plates that coordinate with an occasion, holiday or the season.

Consider holding a festive cocktail party with rare treasures you have found. Hosting parities for popular events provide opportunities to showcase those pastel Waterford flutes or Kentucky Derby themed rocks glasses. From the glass to the plate and from the fork and to the serving pieces, antiques, vintage finds and re-claimed options exist to make any dining space spectacular.

4. Switch Out or Embellish Your Seating

We’ve mostly covered the top of the table. But what can you do to mix it up or completely change your seating? Consider removing side seating and add a bench to each side making a unique look along with remaining chairs left at the ends of a rectangular table. In the fall consider adding red cushions to the benches that can be used through Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Dressing up dining chairs can be fun and provides an easy way to bring life to the area. Consider tying beautiful bows that attach to chair backs. They bring a certain pop to the space and definitely set a tone for the occasion.

You can also mix various types of chairs around one dining space. Everyone remembers the iconic TV hit sitcom Friends. Back in 2016 Maria Ward wrote for Vogue a story celebrating the reunion of the TV show cast. Featured in the article entitled, “The Cast of Friends Is Reuniting! 40 Must-Haves From Monica Geller’s Apartment” is the character Monica’s kitchen table look that was only complete after combining different chairs around the kitchen’s well-known gathering spot.

Modern design solutions for your dining or kitchen table do not have to cost a lot of money. Many of the changes can be taken care of as DIY projects. You can create what you want to add to the space, and you can handle adding those changes.

If your dining area needs a face-lift or if your space just feels like it needs more than its current furniture and accessories, any of our offered decor ideas will bring life to the area. We hope that the four ideas we provided above will you give the ideas and know how to make the desired look come together.

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