Fireplace Decor Ideas (Top 10) | Decorating Tips for Mantel

Few things sum up the comforting spirit of the fall season like evenings by the fire. What better way to enjoy autumn’s arrival than by decorating the fireplace using all the things that bring joy and DIY glamour into a room?

1. Hang a Mirror

One easy, quick way of putting some personalized decor above your fireplace is by adding a mirror. Not only can a mirror expand the appearance of a wall, but they can also give an otherwise dull mantel a look of sophisticated glamor.

Varying the shape of the mirror frame is a simple trick that gives the decor a personal touch. A minimal circular frame conveys simple minimalism while a decorative rectangular frame can add elegance into the setup while really making it pop. Some decorators may even create a DIY mirror frame design that resonates more with their personal style. Creating simple decorations like these at home can also be a great family activity.

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2. Decorate Using Indoor Plants

Another great trick for opening up a space is adding some indoor plants. Leafy beauties like snake plants or philodendron are perfect for low-light environments so they thrive indoors. The hearth is also in need of decorating, so what better way than with a fluffy fern or carefully arranged bouquet?

Adding the beauty of nature into your living room is a great trick for avoiding ever having a boring mantel. The decorator can also choose different styles or designs for flower pots or stands.

Using pots in neutral colors will cause the greens, as well as other bright hues of the plants to pop beautifully around the fireplace. However, springing for pots or stands with contemporary, busy patterns can also make the display more eye-catching.

3. Add Some Candles or Tea Lights

As the days get shorter, the air cooler, a candle becomes increasingly charming. That being said, candles are a great addition for anything like bookshelves or fireplaces year-round. Tea or pillar candles are great methods of pulling together the main point of the room.

Candles as decor on mantels are simple, fun setups to create. One could choose colorless, unscented candles, focusing on only the light they provide. Some may opt for candles with the scents and colors of fall or may simply use their favorites.

4. Display Your Family Photos

As the focal point of most rooms, the fireplace is the best place to start when deciding where family memories should be placed. This is among the greatest of mantel decorating tips because there are no mistakes in arranging important pictures.

The picture frame colors and styles should be depending on the color scheme, the material involved in the fireplace. A brown or red brick fireplace would allow for many different combinations of frame colors, but neutral colors like black, white, or beige.

Another of many great techniques for spicing up the display could be staggering the photos in size, layering them on the mantel, and leaning them on the fireplace. This brings the entire decor together, giving the wall more depth.

5. Mount The Television Above The Fireplace

The two main attention areas of the living room or bedroom are usually the fireplace or the television. No matter the room of your house or apartment, combining these two will maximize the decoration of any place in your home.

Slim TVs are the latest style, so they can fit even more smoothly over the fireplace. Allowing the television to be framed by the backsplash of your fireplace will not only be space-efficient but also increases the sophistication of the area.

Making sure that cords are kept together, hidden, will keep your fireplace looking neat and modern. One of the numerous helpful tips for doing this is decorating with small things like knickknacks, stones or rocks, as well as other small pieces that will take the eye away from any visible cords.

fireplace decor christmas garland living room

6. Turn up The Holiday Spirit

With Christmas and New Year inching closer by the day, it’s never too early for brainstorming some mantel decorating ideas or tricks. Bringing the holiday spirit inside is a great family activity that doesn’t take tons of time or work.

Hanging a festive wreath over the mantel is a superb starting point. By adding some red, gold, burgundy into a forest green wreath, the color scheme is already being brought together. Another simple way of making sure the Christmas decoration bases are covered is by adding silver or gold candles beneath the wreath.

Creating your own wreath, then centering it above the fireplace is another great way of incorporating DIY family fun into the decorating festivities.

7. Show Off Trophies Or Awards

Anybody who has ever earned a trophy or won any kind of award will know the place of pride that they hold in our hearts. This is a timeless, creative way of adding some personal decor into any hidden corners of the house. However, there probably isn’t any better way to show those treasures off than displayed on the mantel.

Whether trophies, framed certificates, or a combination of both, there are few better or more captivating places for them than the mantel. Anybody who may keep hunting trophies could also center these on the wall above the mantel for an interesting conversation piece and rustic addition into their space.

8. Go Farmhouse Chic

Adding a farmhouse decor into the area of your fireplace is a sure way of increasing the warm coziness of the room. The great thing about farmhouse-style decorations is that there really is no wrong way of making them work. One could begin by adding a distressed wood frame or mirror on the shelf above the fireplace itself.

Some other great hacks for turning your fireplace farmhouse chic is with small farm animal knickknacks, antique tools, or a wooden wagon wheel. All of these things can be incorporated into your own style to add the perfect level of country coziness into any home.

9. Cut Down on Bookcases

If your collection of books is large and ever-growing or you’re wondering how to store them, this could be the perfect idea for you. Stacking or otherwise displaying your favorite books over the fireplace is a great way of using all storage space as well as a nice conversation piece.

Ideas like this one could be the source of motivation that many fireplace owners are looking for. When paired with a decorative clock or your favorite art, this mantel will be catching eyes from the door.

10. Combine a Few Ideas

For anyone stuck on choosing just one of the many tips for decorating their mantels, the good news is that there is no reason to choose just one. Taking the best factors of a few ideas is a great trick for creating your own decor.

Many great decorating ideas can come from using more than one together. One could combine tips like hanging a mirror with displaying family photos. Another great way to incorporate more than one of the most popular style tips is by hanging twinkle lights or adding a plant with whatever is already displayed on the fireplace.

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