Halloween Decoration Ideas (Top 9) | Decor Tips Outdoor & Indoor

If you want an absolutely scary Halloween, consider learning a few décor tricks and techniques. You can immerse yourself in this unique holiday, and make it truly spectacular. All you need are some easy DIY hacks to create inspiring decorations.

You can give your home an aesthetically pleasing Halloween look by creating a balanced appearance. This may mean taking a step back and seeing how each area you decorate fits with the whole. No matter whether you’re inside the house or outdoors in the yard, your home’s appearance is important. Here are a few creepy indoor and outdoor decorating tips.

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1. Hang Up an Outdoor Wreath

Almost nothing makes a front door more inviting in the fall season than an outdoor wreath. Firstly, you can find cheap arts & crafts supplies locally or online and DIY. A few items you may see are colorful fall leaves, jute string, craft glue and plenty more. If you think learning arts & crafts would be beneficial, consider taking a class, watching an online video tutorial or checking out an instruction book at your local library.

Another option is purchasing a homemade wreath from online shops such as Etsy. Here you’ll find a multitude of original arts & crafts items you can choose from.

2. Make the Front Porch Scary

One of the biggest tips you can use to make a statement is painting your front door, chairs or tables. For one, try an orange hue or a bold red to make your home stand out. You may also place decorative baskets near the door or on a table.

Remember to use symmetry when putting your decorations in front of the door to create a creepy, inviting, balanced look. After you place down a few items, stand back to check how everything looks. In fact, being a professional designer isn’t necessary if you desire a scary outdoor or indoor Halloween look.

3. Place Halloween Decor Inside the House

Consider putting a pumpkin or another creepy item in the entryway, and make a statement when visitors arrive. Other ideas for a bedroom, kitchen, living room or other room in the home include spiders, spider web, a witches hat and broom, scary artwork and others. Decorating with DIY hacks in the fall can be cheap if you’re on a budget.

You can use cute, creepy or scary decorations in each room depending on you and your family’s preferences. Additionally, involving the whole family in decorating can make it a meaningful experience. After all, many kids and even adults often enjoy creative activities.

Dark Night Halloween Decor Pumpkin

4. Decorate Your Office with Creepy Décor

Whether you work in a home office or a cubicle away from home, decorating your office space can be easy and cheap. You can add homemade bats, framed drawings of a haunted house or a rare photo of a fictional werewolf as decor. Create your own original artwork with a drawing instruction book or online tutorial.

When you’re using office supplies para decorar the house, desk items you can buy are Washi tape, pencils, pens or desk organizers. Furthermore, you can DIY by making desk organizers using a colorful Sharpie, Duck tape with designs, felt fabric, an empty cardboard box or a plastic container.

5. Get Creative with Creepy Pumpkins

Since using one or two pumpkins as decoration likely won’t be enough to create a bold Halloween look, you might be better off buying as many as you want. You can either pick real pumpkins from a farmer’s market, purchase some from an arts & crafts store or grow your own as a cheap option.

Carved pumpkins can make an impression on children and adults alike. Or if you want more realistic home decor, you can paint each pumpkin a bold color such as black, green or purple. Further, you can add glitter, poke hole designs in them or leave them plain.

6. Decorate the Classroom for Fall

If you’re a parent, help your children stand out from the crowd by choosing school supplies in fall colors and designs. Teachers can decorate the classroom and door with their students’ artwork, banners, posters and more. Besides this, consider giving every student a cute cookie, piece of cake or cupcake for Halloween. Create colorful cookie ornaments, and hang these on an indoor autumn tree as decoration.

Homemade treats can make for dazzling indoor Halloween décor in the fall. Just pick up a cookbook at a used bookstore or watch a cooking show. You can find easy, medium or hard recipes.

7. Use Pinterest for Halloween Hacks

Pinterest is full of amazing indoor and outdoor Halloween techniques and tricks. Anyone who needs or wants extra decor ideas can explore this website. You can simply choose a topic and browse images of tips. For instance, click links of painting tutorials or craft ideas you can make. Save each pin on your own board, so you use them later.

In addition, those who enjoy cooking may want to explore recipes, or browse Halloween cake tips. You can make a colorful Halloween throw blanket or pillowcase, and get inspired by sewing tutorials. Tutorials can also help you avoid mistakes.

8. Create Easy Yard and Garage Decorations

Paint some canning jars, put candles that cost a dollar inside and place these along a garden path outside. Create yard ghosts by stuffing white garbage bags (draw eyes on in black marker) with leaves. Hang orange string lights in a tree, or sit a human-sized skeleton on a branch. Paint a wooden sign decoration warning of ghosts, goblins and vampires, and hang it on a tree trunk.

Try decorating your garage by painting the door. Besides this, you can take the car out for a party. Hang spider web, hang a lantern, add a rectangular table with matching chairs and invite guests.

9. Consider These Techniques for a Party

You can place a cute ghost cookie, creepy monster cake and scary eyeball cupcake on a platter, and use this as indoor Halloween party décor. Later on, have a contest to see who can grab apples using only their mouths from a small pool of water.

Cool party decorations can be found at an arts & crafts or party supply store at cheap prices. When out shopping, you can fill your basket with decor items that may cost as little as a dollar or more. In fact, you can use simple items such as plastic cups, paper plates, and create Halloween decorations.

Creepy Halloween Decoration Ideas are Inspiring

You can find more motivation and inspiration for outdoor and indoor Halloween decoration tips by browsing design magazines. Create décor that fits your family’s lifestyle, so it feels right in your home. Besides this, try brainstorming your own unique ideas with a pen and paper. Coming up with these can be easy and exciting, because you can use your imagination.

You can decorate every room in your house, only the front porch, just the yard or wherever you feel is best. Instead of putting pressure on yourself, have peace of mind. Most of all, immerse yourself in the creative process, and enjoy making scary décor.

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