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Creating a gorgeous home that suits one’s style/decor budget can be done in an apartment. Use what you have to create a lovely home, but leave space so one can try out new styles that you can use in the next, larger home.

Before you dive into the decor ideas of this article, you may have a look at the following video on the Smarter Facts YouTube channel. The video illustrates the 12 home decor ideas that we are discussing on this page.

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Idea 1: Use Things Twice

If space is especially small, decorating ideas may need to use some items twice. As an example, you may have a blanket chest or a wooden trunk with a flat top. If it’s sturdy enough, can you use it as a front door bench as well as storing shoes beside it?

Once you see each object as something that will work at least twice, options as well as ideas will start popping up all over. Got a great rug that doesn’t work with your carpeted apartment? Hang it on the wall as a headboard, or hang it against that north wall that’s always so cold.

Idea 2: Focus on What You Love

The best decorating ideas are the ones that truly work with each personal style and interests. If you love camping but use a minimal wardrobe, hang clothes in the hall closet; load the bigger closet in the bedroom with camping gear.

Make sure that you hang inspiring photos of recent hikes, or an image of the next trail, exactly where you can see it. Your apartment decoration choices can grow dreams.

Idea 3: Tips on Duplication

Avoid duplicating items in a small space. If you have received great special occasion dishes as a gift, make every day a special occasion and use them. Struggling for storage space, especially in a small apartment,

  • will make you resent the dishes
  •  increases the chance they’ll get dropped or damaged
  •  adds to the weight of the next move

Idea 4: Simple Doesn’t Mean Austere

If you’re a minimalist at heart, go as austere as you like. However, if austerity feels plain or cold, look at ideas about adding a touch of luxury to any space with fabric as well as texture.

Treat yourself to a plush burgundy throw for a favorite chair. Purchase a DIY homemade fleece throw kit on your birthday; enjoy a snuggly warm treat. Invest in velvety towels in the bathroom. Decorating frugality is always a good plan, but with luxurious tips and tricks, a home can be both budget friendly and luxurious.

Idea 5: Keep Clutter Down

The line between decorated as compared against cluttered gets closer the smaller your space. Decorators need to take care when looking at items for their apartment that they use simple themes. Unless lots of color is the theme, as an example, using a limited color palette will make the decorating process much easier as well as enjoyable.

home decor mirror vase flowers

Idea 6: Color Choice Decor Tips

If there’s a color combination on Pinterest or another decorating site that pleases you, run by Home Depot where one can pick up paint chips that match. Decoration tips and tricks will become more visible with this reference always in reach. Now when you shop, you’ll have exactly the shade you want as well as knowing you can get paint that matches.

Some apartments can be painted; some can’t. If the paint in the space is in good shape, you can protect the budget by building a color scheme based on the current paint on the walls.

Idea 7: Create a Focal Point

If you have a collection of dolls, statues, magnets, or rocks, create a spot in your home. Show it off!. You can use glass shelving as an interior divider, adding a sense of space. If windows are limited, this will also allow a division of the space without limiting light.

If you already have bookshelves, consider setting them up with bookends that allow you decoration display space on each shelf beside the books. You’ll create homes for each unique object as well as avoiding the need of a display case. The best decor features are the ones with memories attached.

Idea 8: Get Creative with Secondhand Pieces

No matter how long it’s been since college, everybody loves a bargain. If you find free or cheap items, treat yourself with a can of spray paint. Create a custom look on a budget.

Set up an office with a set of low bookshelves, a bracket and a slab door. Cut the door so it fits the space you have, prop up the finished end on the bookcase, then mount the cut end of the door against the wall. Use wooden crates painted with thinned latex paint; rustic, flexible storage in the bookshelf. You can add a country craft look by lining the bins with pretty fabric that will show through the slats.

Idea 9: Stay Flexible With Holiday Decorations

Red/white objects can work on Valentine’s Day; add navy blue for the 4th of July. Fall decor/Halloween decorations can also have some crossover. Green fabric pieces can work on Christmas/Easter/Spring. Finally, a crisp white pillow cover will brighten a favorite chair in high summer.

Decorate for the holidays with soft items you can easily fold up avoid overcrowding, especially if you’re in a studio apartment. Fabric panels as well as cushions with removable covers can give a seating area holiday flare. This flexible style of decorating works best in modern, open layouts.

Idea 10: Create a Meditation Space

A separate room isn’t necessary for a spot to clear your mind. Center yourself near a statue of the Buddha, an image of Christ or a mandala featuring the Ganpati of India. As many religious traditions celebrate welcoming the stranger, consider putting a meditation space near the front door of the home.

Again, stay flexible. If you purchase a new cushion for the meditation spot, move it with your seating area when you have guests. Some of the best decor tips come from the minimalists. Comfort as well as open space are often synonymous; don’t overcrowd any area of an apartment.

Idea 11: Kitchen Ideas

Carefully guard your countertop real estate. The best tools are often those that serve two purposes. You can cook Chinese, Indian and American food in a wok, as well as saving yourself the hassle of storing an electric skillet or multiple frying pans.

Unless cupboard space is extremely limited, avoid hanging too many tools. A drawer with a non-slip liner can hold all the kitchen tools while you store silverware in a pretty box in the living room if it keeps you from keeping a crock of tools on the counter.

Nest food storage dishes and find baking pans that will manage a beef roast or a chocolate cake. If you’re frugal enough, save plastic food containers. Just schedule a purge when the cupboards get too full.

Idea 12: Be Bold

If there’s a color or a style you love, go for it. Mistakes can happen, but they’re often easily covered with a coat of white paint. Decorating hacks as well as styling techniques can be as unique as you are. If you can’t enjoy certain activities with current world events, let that desire for a new experience be you motivation.

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