How to Paint a Wall White | Room from Dark to Light Color

Does your house or garage contain a wall or walls that are very dark? Do you wish that your black or red walls were a lighter color? Changing a car tire or bicycle tyres in a darkly colored brick garage, or sitting at the table in a drab, dim dining room can be unpleasant.

To change this, you should consider painting over the darkly colored walls in the room. With a bit of know-how, you can transform the antique appearance of your space into a much brighter and more modern space at a low cost. Here we will discuss just how you can do this.

Thorough Preparation is the Key to Success

Before you can even begin the transformation of the room you are going to paint from dark to light, you must prepare yourself and the space for the project. If you do this thoroughly, then the job will be easier and far less stressful. This step is very easy, yet often overlooked.

All whites aren’t created equal. There are many different shades of white, some as bright as a whiteboard and others leaning toward a cream or tan color. Before doing anything else you must decide which shade you would like your wall to be. Sometimes making this decision is harder than the rest of the project.

After you have decided upon and purchased the paint of your choice, you must prepare the work space. It should go without saying that the project will go far more smoothly if you clear the area near the wall to be painted of any obstructions. Move anything in this area away from the space in which you will be working.

Before you can begin to apply paint to the wall in the room, you should decide how to cover the floor. Protecting the floor is very important in achieving a professional grade outcome. You should use plastic sheeting or canvas drop clothes for this purpose. Old newspaper can work, but might also let paint seep through and ruin the floor.

Once you’ve finished with these necessary preparations, you can begin the actual work. Be sure not to skip out on these steps, as you’ll end up working harder and possibly achieving lower quality work if you do.

The Transformation Begins

How you’ll proceed in transforming your room from dark to light depends on just what type of room it is. A garage where you change tires or do other dirty work will inevitably be much filthier than a clean bedroom or dining area. All walls should be cleaned before painting, but the products used may differ depending on the level of dirt you’re removing.

If you’re working in a clean area, then use a damp cloth for wiping any dust off the walls. If the room in question is a dirtier work area, then you should use a cleaner or even a mild grease remover. Be sure that any chemicals are thoroughly removed from the wall if they are used. The wall must also be allowed to dry thoroughly before any painting can begin.

Once the walls have dried, it’s time for the application of your primer. Walls that have a dark color are notoriously difficult to change to a light color. This is because the dark color that the wall was previously will tend to show through the light color applied over it. Applying a heavy coat of primer before your paint will prevent this .

If you have applied enough of your primer, walls should only require one coat of white paint to be properly coated. Be sure to apply your primer thoroughly with a roller. Pay special attention in the areas where the walls meet the ceiling near any trim that might be present. These spots must be cut in with a brush. Primer there should be applied just as heavily as everywhere else on the wall for even looking results.

Primer must be allowed ample drying time as recommended by it’s manufacturer. If you don’t follow this rule, primer may be peeled off of walls by a roller nap as it passes over. Be patient so you don’t make this mistake.

When it’s time to apply your white paint, work slowly and methodically. Patience is the key here! If you rush this job, then your results will most likely not be very professional. Paint must be applied evenly across a wall or painting marks will show. If this is done correctly your outcome will be of a high quality.

Video: Pro Painting Tip for Covering Dark Colours with Light Colours

This video shows how you should go about painting over a dark wall with a light color. If you follow these professional grade tips, then you’ll achieve a great, high quality outcome. If you have any question about how you should proceed with this project, you should definitely this short, informative video.

Watch a short video here.

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Ending With Professional Looking Results

If you have followed all these suggested tips listed here, then you should be standing back looking at your professional quality paint job. Although it’s not as easy as painting white over white, painting white over a dark color can be easily done with proper preparation, a little bit of know-how and a healthy dose of patience. Your dark, dim room can easily be transformed into a bright, modern, clean looking space.

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