Living Room Decor Ideas (Top 9) | Best Modern Decorating Tips

Give the living room a more modern appearance by following these hacks that will not blow the budget. Spending a little on creating a great background makes decorating for holidays, like Christmas, easier because you already have critical elements in place.

When compared against farmhouse, country or contemporary décor, modern décor has clean, crisp lines. It also has a simple color palette. Most materials used in modern décor will be made from a metal, like steel, or made from glass.

1. Select Earthy Colors

The first step is selecting an earthy color palate. The most popular choices are orange/brown, chartreuse/ gray, bright blues, brown/white or pink/brown. Notice each of these choices gives you a bright, vibrant color found in nature along with a darker shade grounding it.

Leave other colors, like yellow, gold along with red at the store, use them in other areas of the home or apartment. You can also use minimal amounts of them in accent pieces.

2. Employ Wood

Use wood in many ways. Start by looking at the outside environment through the windows. Copy the same colors of wood found in the environment as you add items.

When you add rustic wooden elements, if you feel that space is getting too dark, employ design tricks, like adding white accept pieces.

3. Creating the Modern Look on Walls

There are many wall techniques that you can choose. One of the most popular ideas is painting the walls.
If you decide painting is the right choice, then DIY, but keep a couple of ideas in mind. First, use a wood or darker color, like black, on the bottom to help keep the design grounded. Additionally, use a lighter color on all three walls. Then, use a darker color on that one.

Even if you stick in the same color family, this helps create visual interest in the living room. You will want some carry over into other areas, like the dining area.

When the style was new, geometric designs on wallpaper was immensely popular. It is still a look that is worth considering. Especially if you live in an apartment where painting is not an option, removable wallpaper can be a great choice.

4. Minimal Furniture

Furniture choices should not overpower the room, so follow tips depending on if you have a large living room or a smaller one when choosing how to decorate. Often choosing the right sofa or loveseat brings the rest of the room together, so choose a couch featuring sleek lines. One of the ideas you will want to keep in mind is that since the sofa is often the largest piece in the room, it set the color choices.

When creating ideas, choose pieces with basic shapes, such as a round or square coffee table. Avoid furniture that has ornate legs or other features. Instead, opt for those with a glossy appearance. Additionally, choosing pieces containing lots of storage creates a clean looking design.

Wooden furniture can be expensive. Of course, it will last for years. If that is not in the budget now, open your eyes to using cheap veneer pieces and replace them as you can over the next couple of years. Using veneer often adds gloss, so it can be an one of the inexpensive design tips worth following.

5. Select the Right Art

You will find many different ideas for Mid-century Modern pictures, so spend some time thinking about which pieces engage your inner soul. For example, Andy Warhol and other pop artists easily fit into this decor group, but so do abstract works, like those created by Jackson Pollock.

Consider steel, glass and metal when choosing a decoration. You can find many decorative ideas for framing done in Modern materials. While choosing a large piece can help set the whole room’s tone, you will also want smaller sculptures in the decor. Bring in more rustic tones with these smaller pieces.

living room plant couch table pillows

6. Minimize Window Treatments

Let as much natural light into your living room as possible by selecting the right window treatments. Ideally, the budget allows knocking out the current windows and installing large ones, but that is not always possible.
Wooden blinds that roll up and down add another element of wood into your room.

Choosing the right window treatments can add a dramatic flair. Consider bringing the outside in with a grass-weave window treatment. Choose lightweight fabrics that you can easily see-through.

7. Choose the Perfect Rug

As you add more wood and steel in the room, it can become unbalanced. Picking the right living room rug can help create the balance in the decor that you need. You have at least two different choices worth considering when choosing a Mid-century Modern rug.

One of the tips to follow when choosing your decor is adding a simple Scandanavian rug with a repeated geometric design. The repeating patterns of these rugs add structure and simplicity. Ground the room by selecting rugs in a deeper color.

Among the tips you may consider is softening a room’s look by picking an Art Deco pile rug. Keep the room grounded by choosing those in darker colors. Think about choices that have simple geometric designs as they will add visual interest.

Think carefully about the color choices. Grey is often a perfect choice because it helps ground the room without being too dark.

8. Pick Correct Lighting

Your choice of lighting is essential in creating a beautiful Modern living room. Start by choosing a hanging overhead light as it will spread light across the room. While the most popular choice is a hanging pendant light, you can find many other options, including paper lanterns, floral chandeliers, architectural lanterns. Try working steel or glass into your design.

Add another layer of visual interest by choosing the right task lighting. Consider picking lamps with simple geometric shapes in metals and glass.

Finally, you will want floor lamps that spread their light upwards. There are several different styles available, including those made of brass or another metal.

9. Add Greenery

Among the more important decorating tips when designing the perfect Modern room is using greenery. Precisely what plants you add is a personal decision, depending on how dedicated you are in caring for them. An easy way of adding more wood to a space is selecting a tree to grow in a Mid-century modern pot.

When selecting plants, consider the color of green that they will provide to your environment. Try staying away from adding many green color options in the same tiny space when decorating. Simultaneously, adding plants with different leaf textures is a beautiful way of adding visual interest. Using the same plants in various rooms can be a decorating trick to tie everything together.

Now that you have learned some basic decorating design ideas along with the preferred decor for creating a Modern look, it is your turn. Try avoiding mistakes like putting too many colors in a tiny space. Adding your personal tastes will make the room unique. Use this article as motivation to get started. You will love the design process and have a place you will be proud of for many years.

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