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When decorating a kitchen or dining room, a table centerpiece is an essential. Dinner tables can be a flat, blank space in a room so having something pretty on top of it will catch the eye.

But finding the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room can be tricky. There are many different ideas, colors, themes and objects to choose from, not to mention all of the DIY centerpieces you can make yourself.

Instead of scrolling for hours through Pinterest images, why not try one of these ideas?

flowers on table

Seasonal flowers

Flowers are a timeless decor choice for any room. However, this centerpiece requires a bit of maintenance on your part. Real flowers have to be watered and kept in appropriate lighting.

With plastic flowers, you can set it and forget it, but real ones have more charm. You can change out the type of flower and colors as the season change. Pink roses for Valentine’s Day, Lily of the vallies and lavender for spring, bright yellow sunflowers for summer, and red poinsettias for Christmas.

Even better is if the flowers come from your own garden – you can use that as a conversation piece about hobbies.

Check out the following video for more decor ideas:

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Floating candles

Fair warning – after this craft has been created, it is difficult to move around, so be sure to make it on top of the table center you wish to have it on. You’ll need a shallow bowl filled with water.

Some stores carry specially designed floating candles that will not tip over, but regular tea candles can work, too. Lay flower blossoms or pedals gently on top of the water for an extra touch.

Candy Jar

Find a clear vase or jar and fill with colorful candies. Peppermints or fruit-flavored hard candy will add a pop of color to the dining room. And guests can help themselves for a hassle-free desert. Sweet and simple!


Instead of flowers, place decorative pinwheels in a vase for a whimsical feel, whether it’s for the kids’ table or for the grown-ups. You can place sand or glass beads at the bottom of a vase to help the pinwheels stand upright.

If you’re hosting a party where kids will be in attendance, you can give the kids the pinwheels to play with after eating.

The Archer

If your kitchen or dining room has a rustic, outdoors-y feel, then you might want to skip out on pastel flowers. Create your own craft arrows with wooden dowels, feathers and washi tape.

Fill a short vase with pebbles, glass beads, sand, or decorative grass. Stick the arrows in so that the feathers are pointing up. For extra touches, you can complement the theme with tree ring coasters or pinecones around the table.


Find some books at thrift stores that match the color scheme of the kitchen or dining room and stack them together. You can use books as a base to make any centerpiece look taller.

You can place books under picture frames, globes, flowers, or birdcages. If you find neutral-colored books, tie a bright ribbon around them that matches your color scheme.

Or if you want to stick mostly to the book theme, you can add scrabble letters spelling out themed words.

Rubber Ducky

This one is similar to the idea of floating candles but this version is much more playful, making it suitable for kids parties or baby showers. Find a vase with a good width. You do not want the vase so narrow that the duck cannot float around, but not so big that there is too much empty space.

Fill about a third of the base with glass beads, then fill the rest with water. If you wish, you can add a drop or two of blue food coloring. Set the rubber ducky on top so it is able to float around. If you wish, you can add a matching blue, yellow or white ribbon around the vase.

DIY Campfire Centerpiece

Most people associate fires with summer, but they will fit in well year-round if your home has a cabin theme. This YouTube video will take you through the craft step-by-step as well as some other summer-themed centerpiece ideas that can be placed out every day or for special parties. This video uses items mainly from dollar and craft stores so even those with a budget can have fun decorating.

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Non-flower Vase

Flowers are a classic, but can be tiring. Mix it up by finding other things to put in your vases. Pinecones, potpourri, baubles, beads, pearls, branches, fake fruit, and sand are all great alternatives. Wrapping ribbon or twine around the vase is also a simple way to take your boring vase to the next level. Be creative and see what ideas you come up with to add your own unique touch.

Seasonal Terrariums

The concept of both of these crafts are the same, but they can vary based on the season. A round vase will work, but it might be easier to use an upside-down wine glass.

For the winter, you can DIY a Christmas snow globe. If using the wine glass, cut out cardboard in the exact shape of the mouth of the glass by tracing it. This cardboard circle will act as the bottom of your snow globe. You can find miniature figures at dollar stores or craft stores such as Christmas trees, snowmen, deer or carolers.

If you cannot find any figurines, you can cut out a gingerbread house with the remaining cardboard. After super gluing your figures to the cardboard, sprinkle fake snow on top so that you cannot see the cardboard below. Next, superglue the edge of the wine glass to the cardboard so that it contains everything. Place a small candle on the flat top of the glass.

For the summer, make a beach terrarium. You can repeat the steps to make the wine glass globe, or even a small round fishbowl. Fill with sand, seashells, fake pearls or toothpick umbrellas to give your kitchen a beach vibe that’s not tacky.

Terrariums don’t have to be limited to just these two ideas, either. With some patient shopping and creativity,

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