Runner Ideas for Dining Room Tables | Kitchen Table Tips

No matter the location, size or style of your dining table there is a runner look that will work perfectly.

To help you narrow down your ideas, we have compiled five runner ideas for dining tables sure to complete the look of the room or space.

They work with outdoor and indoor seating, and they also work with kitchen tables and formal dining rooms.


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1. Purchase or Create a Textile Runner

All kinds of great runner ideas exist. Even if you are on a shoe-string budget, you can still have a runner. Make your own. Creating a runner doesn’t take much time.

Make a Custom Table Runner in Ten Minutes

The following YouTube video from My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe takes two different pieces of fabric to make a Valentine’s Day runner. Taking two cuts of fabric measuring a half yard and a third of a yard, the demonstration shows how to combine the fabrics into a tube. Once finished, the assembled fabric creation becomes an attention grabbing runner decked out with a colorful, fun border.


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2. Coordinate a Look with Candles

Grab an assortment of candles in mixed hues or in coordinating colors and create a runner that will light up the table and the mood. Runners don’t have to be a textile. They can be any object or objects placed on the table to create definition and spacing.

Just be sure there is some kind of shield between the wax and your table surface. While there are many options, let’s consider two. Place candles atop three evenly spaced glass candle plates or in a series of charming Hurricane holders.

3. Style with Flowers and Greenery

Flowers and greenery make any table more inviting. When it comes time for Christmas, put vintage Christmas ball ornaments atop fresh garland to amp up the nostalgia and cheer factor. Grab three white vases and fill them with red roses atop a table’s surface for romance. The contrast will be eye-catching.

dining table runner

4. Get Festive with Seasonal Looks

Christmas is not the only season where you can get creative with table and room decor ideas. A garden patio, kitchen area or dining room will be festive and season appropriate when you tie it all together with a runner.

At Easter find a long wooden container and fill with colorful hand-died eggs and fresh spring greenery. In the fall make your kids laugh with a DIY coffin positioned in the middle of the table.

5. Mix Up Position and Dimensions

This is a tip, especially with textile runners that many forget to consider. You can change the direction and number of runners. Instead of opting for one long runner, have two runners across the width of the table on each side.

Table runners don’t have to always touch from edge to edge of the table. There can be visible surfaces at each end. Change the look and feel of your table and room by mixing up positions and dimensions.


Any dining table can receive an updated and stylish look with runners. Remember to get creative and showcase personality. We hope the five tips we provided will make your table setting even better. Enjoy your new runner!

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