Glass Dining Table Decor Ideas | Decoration of Kitchen Tables

Ideas abound when it comes to decorating your glass dining table. To help you determine the best decor solutions, we have compiled tips to help you with any decorating dilemmas. Today we take a look at decor ideas for glass tables.

Below you will find five tips that make any glass table dining experience memorable. These ideas are perfect for any room featuring a glass dining table. Both indoor and outdoor glass dining tables can incorporate these decor ideas.

1. Change Out the Flatware, Stemware and Cutlery

With the current abundance of online retailers, discount superstores, wholesalers and resell stores out there so many options exist, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Changing out flatware, stemware and cutlery are easy fixes to update the style of a glass table.

glass behind table

2. Grab Attention with an Eye-Catching Centerpiece

Most glass dining tables are round, and centerpieces work exceptionally well on round tables. Grab a few candles and set them in the middle of your table creating a romantic feel. Consider cutting flowers from your garden and adding them to a vase for a welcoming feel that also puts off great smells.

3. Surround the Table with Stylish Seating

Decor of a glass table will certainly come together with stylish seating, and you can accomplish this without spending a lot of money.

Add Style by Re-purposing Dining Chairs

In the YouTube video from CraftKlatch the host takes viewers through the step by step process of transforming chairs. She shows you just how it easy is to accomplish this with a sturdy chair, some cool fabric, foam and your staple gun.

The video highlights the entire process, and it shows a great before and after comparison. Don’t shy away from those chairs you find at thrift shops and by dumpsters. Sometimes the smallest investment creates the biggest impact.

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4. Celebrate Holidays, Seasons and Special Occasions

Celebratory gatherings call for decorating. During the holidays add festive cheer. Add a bowl of colorful vintage faux eggs at Easter or greenery with a plate of candles at Christmas. When doable go with decor that will last the season. For example, consider something you could use for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Add stylish bows to chairs for birthdays or display a porcelain stork if hosting a baby shower. Place mats, napkins and napkin wrings can also be stylized.

5. Accent with Tablecloths, Runners and Rugs

Accents will bring a look together. We suggest grabbing table-cloths when wanting to soften the mood. Tablecloths are ideal for gatherings with kids, too.

Runners can help spark conversation and allow personality to shine through. Rugs can also anchor the look and help warm up the space. They also provide a textured contrast to your glass table. Contrast of textures creates layers of style.


When it comes to decorating your glass top dining table, we hope you take the opportunity to showcase your personality and your style. Everyone has great ideas, and we know that you have great decor ideas, too.

If you are having a hard time making up your mind, any of the five ideas presented above are sure to bring style to your glass top dining table.

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