Round Dining Table Decor Ideas | Decorating Kitchen Tables

There are so many great ideas to consider when decorating a round dining table. Both small and large round tables in kitchens, on patios and in dining rooms can be decorated for any special occasion. Stylish decor can also make everyday dining more enjoyable, too.

Let us consider some of the most effective ways to bring trendy decor to your dining space. Any of these great ideas will work with any dining table, especially with round tables. They will also work with indoor and outdoor tables as well as with kitchen and dining room tables.


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1. Create an Eye-Catching Centerpiece

A centerpiece can set the mood, and it can create conversation. Grab fresh flowers and arrange them in a beautiful glass vase. Fill your room with inviting fragrances and a welcoming splash of color.

Video Shows How Centerpieces Create Designer Look

The above YouTube video doesn’t just showcase the impact a centerpiece can have on a round table. It also shows how to make the most of any table through an assortment of decor ideas. The video which was presented by eHow took a kitchen glass-top table and made it into a warm, inviting area. The video host used a centerpiece, creative embellishments and a color appropriate design theme to bring the space together.


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2. Spice It Up with Seasonal Charm

Holidays are the perfect time to bring seasonal charm to your table. This doesn’t have to happen only at Christmas. During Halloween and Thanksgiving use pumpkin napkin rings and autumn themed place-mats. In the spring and during Easter switch out your flatware to include pastels, or you can add a tablecloth with a butterfly print.

3. Mix in the Old with the New

You may love decorating so much that you constantly want to update the look of your table. This can be done without spending too much money. Head to thrift stores and vintage shops to find unique pieces that will bring new life to the space. Mixing old and new pieces is an economical approach, and it give guests at your table something to talk about.

fruits on table

4. Bring Life to Your Seating

We get so fixed on making sure the table looks perfect that we fail to see opportunities for decor in our seating. When you were at the thrift store you saw four really cool chairs at $5 each. You just didn’t have a use for them. Think again! Decorating with four unique vintage chairs at your round table is a great way to mix it up. You can also add embellishments like bows to the back of existing chairs or add in upholstered cushions.

5. Focus on the Entire Room

Ideas to make a round table come to life can also revolve around other features in the room. Look up to see it there are ways to add life to the chandelier above your kitchen table. Add a new designer rug below your formal dining room to dramatically alter a room and/or anchor a design theme. Your round table will only look good if the entire space compliments it.


Outlined above are five ways to decorate any round table used for dining. While there are other great decorating ideas out there, the aforementioned suggestions are easy steps that you can follow. They are guaranteed great decorating ideas.

From the patio to the kitchen and into your dining room, the opportunities and ideas for decorating are endless. We hope our list makes the process a lit bit easier, and we hope you enjoy the decor changes you make. Have fun and get creative!

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