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Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating with family and friends. This special time has us gathering around the table, showing gratitude for dinner, fellowship, and the bounty that life has given us thus far.

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If you are lucky enough to host this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, you likely want it to be an elegant and well-remembered affair.

If you are at a loss for how to deck out your dining table with holiday decor, consider these fun and festive ideas to bring your celebration to the next level.

Get ready to decorate, elevate, and celebrate! You’re ultimate Thanksgiving dining decor guide is here:

table for thanksgiving

1. Add some chinoiserie accents

If you want your table to be really chic and elegant this season, decorate the table with some hand-painted chinoiserie accents. Plates, serving dishes, and hand-painted accent pieces will bring your whole tablescape look together like you’d had a personal consult with Martha Stewart. Go big or get someone else to host!

2. Don’t forget the turkey!

Everyone knows that too much turkey is overkill this time of year; instead of fowling up your table with too much turkey, consider adding cute and fun turkey accents to each place setting. Something that each guest can take home from your table to commemorate the special day would be appreciated by all.

3. Play with vibrant colors

When we search for dinner table ideas, we tend to conceptualize autumn with subdued hues of brown, orange, and gold. Why not spice your decor up a bit with some bold and vibrant color combinations that can liven up your whole party? Vibrant hues of turquoise, bright oranges and reds, and brilliant green add depth to your dining experience, and they heighten the sensory experience at your celebration.

4. Color coordinate your dinnerware

Bringing your decor to the next level includes the kind of place setting you put out for each of your guests. Your whole look will come together as you choose dinnerware that is reminiscent of autumn; plates and utensils decked out with hints of nature’s offerings makes eating around your Thanksgiving table that much more festive.

5. Layer on the pumpkins, squash, and gourds

Sure, mini pumpkins, squash and gourds are cute on their own, but you add a layer of decorative paint on them to match the rest of the items on your tablescape, and this will be one of the ideas that lands you in the Instagram hall of fame.

Choose different sizes, shapes, and colors, and play with placement at different levels on your table. Your guests will have the dinner experience of a lifetime.

The following video by Felicia Ramos-Peters gives some great tips for using painted pumpkins to spice up your holiday celebrations. For more ideas on how to decorate your table using pumpkins, check out the video below:

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6. Incorporate the bounty of the season

Fall is traditionally the season of harvest; bring an earthy and abundant tone to your table with the addition of luscious, fresh fruit that your guests can enjoy in lieu of heavier fare.

Apples, grapes, figs, and cherries will add pops of both color and flavor to your delicious dining experience. Just make sure they save room for pumpkin pie!

7. Go white and green for the ultimate clean

Nothing says clean and classy like the color combination of white and green at your celebration. Decorate with different shades of cream, sage, evergreen, and vibrant white to add depth to the color scheme, and throw in some lush greenery for added effect.

8. Patterned linens add a nice touch

Everyone at your Thanksgiving dinner will need a napkin at some point; why not jazz up each place setting with a patterned or appliqué linen for extra elegance?

Your guests will feel extra special as they tuck their napkins in for the dining adventure, and your pre-table decor will look amazing prior to game time.

9. It’s all about the chargers

Any fine dining experience uses some kicking chargers to add elegance to each place setting. Choose from wood to metal, leather to lace, to bring a well-rounded look to your gathering place.

10. Illuminate your whole space

Bring some intimacy and glow into your seasonal celebrations with the addition of candles. A brightly lit table brings with it feelings of warmth, comfort, and connection. Hearts and bellies are filled with the wonder and deliciousness of the season, and guests leave feeling fulfilled and loved.

These Thanksgiving ideas will enrich your celebration, enliven your table, and make your festivities something to be remembered long after the last plate has been washed. May you experience the best that the season has to offer, and you realize just how much you have to give thanks for!

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